Email marketing is an efficient marketing strategy that helps an organisation in numerous ways. There are many email marketing software that makes it continuously difficult for the marketers to create an efficient email marketing campaign and the ROI generation from this digital marketing channel making it even more important for them to understand it properly for a company’s growth.

AVARI   Enabling In The Moment Email Personalization

Last week, AVARI, a Berlin based company introduced a new tool that allows marketers to send an effective email campaign through predictive learning. Most available predictive marketing tools are rarely marketer ready. They require significant amount of knowledge to install them and a helping hand from data analyst to mine the data.

AVARI is exclusively different in simplicity and provide plethora of applications for B2B. AVARI makes it easy for the marketers to send an email campaign through an email service provider and recipients get numerous combinations of content, that are exclusively personalized for them.

AVARI’s new product called “Next Best Content” automatically provides most relevant content suggestion to every email recipient. Marketers can themselves add these relative content through drag and drop interface to create a dynamic content.
AVARI predicts optimal content and delivers it in the form of ebooks, blog posts, articles etc, in the company’s email campaign. It supports all the major ESP and is inexpensive.

Marketers analyze two type of data while creating a marketing strategy –

Explicit Data – It includes visits on the website, purchases, clicks, etc.
Implicit Data – It includes behaviour of the customers like reading time, cart abandonment reason, etc.

AVARI CEO and co-founder believes that its the implicit data that is necessary to be taken into consideration to execute an effective content marketing.

Marketers find it difficult to grab a stronghold of sales funnel in B2B. AVARI is a part of upcoming marketing technologies and can prove to be extremely beneficial in sales acceleration.