Job searching on the Internet is one of the most popular activities among millions of users around the world. No wonder job portals figure among the most popular websites in terms of traffic. But this very popularity of these job portals also creates the problem of noise with millions of job seekers and thousands of recruiters listed in these sites. Therefore, finding your dream position can be a herculean task. Also, giving out information on such public platforms may also jeopardize your current position. So if you are tired browsing through job boards and receiving dozens of mails which hardly match your profile it is time you move onto a platform which lets you find a job matched to your last criteria.

Jobdreaming, a recruiting software is one such platform that has become very popular among job hunters looking for a quality platform. The team behind this platform has realized the importance of hitting the nail in the head and offering job seekers exact opportunities that they are looking for. At the backend, they filter all the opportunities they get from recruiters so that job seekers are contacted only when an opportunity matches their exact criteria you set. The platform lives up to its punch line which goes “We don’t believe looking for a job should be a…job.”

The platform has been designed keeping in mind the interest of the recruiters as well. The application helps them unearth the exact persons they are looking for and not having to go through hundreds of resumes and conduct dozens of interviews to fill in a position. This works wonders for businesses that are looking for people with niche qualification and experience as Jobdreaming’s robust filtering process screens the exact kind of people that they are looking for. This model of recruitment is designed to eliminate flaws in job board-based sourcing as it will take social-based recruiting to the next level.

Candidate’s Version

Here the candidate looking for a dream job has to specify the kind of job that he/she is looking for along with specific instructions such as the location, the range of salary, etc. Jobdreaming keeps this in its database and contacts the candidates when jobs matching their exact specifications are available in the market.

Recruiter’s Version

Similarly, all that a recruiter has to do is tell Jobdreaming a bit about the person he is looking for with the help of an easy-to-use online form. Here the recruiter is asked to fill up a few important things such as qualification, experience and other traits that they are looking for in their prospective candidate.

The platform which has an ever-growing pool of candidates contacts them and confirms their availability. When a candidate is available to whom they contacted is then directly sent to the recruiter for a fair and easy hiring process.

How it Works

Jobdreaming creates a bridge between the recruiter and the candidate. This bridge is created on common values between the two parties. All it takes is around 30 seconds for a person to fill the online form. With this information suitable candidate can be located to the suitable recruiter via this platform. It gives both the parties complete control over the data and thus filters out the noise from the platform.

Benefits of Using Jobdreaming

Jobdreaming is a free to use platform both for the job seekers as well as the recruiters which is a huge advantage for the small and startup business people who cannot afford to spend a fortune in the hiring process.

  • The candidates are not required to submit their résumé in the platform, this prevents others from knowing about their job hunt. Generally, this happens with traditional job portals and jeopardizing their current jobs.
  • Jobdreaming doesn’t send out any spam mails or make unnecessary phone calls to the candidates. They are contacted only when a recruiter confirms a candidate with matching qualifications and experience.
  • All these features make Jobdreaming a new trendsetter in the market. What makes this platform so attractive is the fact that the traditional job portals are getting complex day by day and Jobdreaming has simplified things for the end users.