Apple emerged victorious in the legal patent battle against Samsung Electronics’ tablet computer in Australia. Apple accused the South Korean Company for copying and reproducing its touch screen technology for their Galaxy tab 10.1 and the Australian court ordered a temporary ban on the sale of the product.

Apple and Samsung’s legal dispute over the smart phones and tablet patents has been going on since April and has spread in 10 countries. The Australian dispute revolved around the touch screen technology used in Samsung’s new Galaxy tab.

Apple faces a constant and rift competition from Samsung in the smart phone and tablet industry, but the current ban by the federal court is expected to hurt Samsung’s image and subsequently cost it around the gainful Christmas season.

The two have been involved in legal dispute since April, accusing each other for infringing patents. However Apple registered victory in Germany, which is Europe’s biggest economy, again putting the ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1; though an appeal hearing is expected in this case. Last week Samsung revealed that it is trying to curtail the sales of Apple iPhone 4S in France and Italy, on the basis of company’s infringing 3D transmission patents.


Samsung has for now compromised the option of appealing against the ruling but claimed that it would continue to pursue its own patent claim involving the Samsungs’ wireless technology against Apple.

“We are disappointed with this ruling and Samsung will be seeking legal advice on its options,” it said in a statement.

Samsung is expected to miss out the profitable sales during the Christmas season as the hearing on the patent issue may take up a few months. Samsung has indicated that missing on Christmas sales in Australia will still be acceptable as against to rushing for the defense and risk losing on the key patent ruling.