Even after facing so many ups and downs, Apple still stands to be the world’s top brand. As per The company Pegs (press release in French) Apple’s current brand value has risen up to a wobbling 100.239 billion Euros ( about $130.6 billion) from 66.658 billion Euros in 2011, which rounds about to 43.9% increase in just one year. Thanks to iPhone 5’s most awaited launch, the share price hiked up to over $700. According to Eurobrand, an independent European firm specializing in trademarks, patent valuation and IP strategies, Apple’s brand value has increased drastically causing a hole in the pockets of other brands.

After Apple, Coca Cola’s brand portfolio comes at the second rank with 59.978 billion Euros, which on combining with PepsiCo ( 41.569 billion Euros) reaches the estimated brand value of Apple. The massive brand value Eurobrand after Apple and Coca Cola allocates Microsoft at number 3 with 53.973 billion Euros and Google with 50.603 billion Euros. Here also, if we integrate both the values of Microsoft and Google, it is almost the estimated brand value of Apple. But this could be like a doze of happiness for them as both the companies ( Microsoft and Google) saw a 5 percent rise in their brand value. But on the other side, IBM saw a greater rise with 13.8 percent hitting the 4th rank, overtaking Google. Most shocking scene was to see hp at a decreased brand value with 28.3 percent.

The noticeable thing was to see that Eurobrand affirms, companies that make up to Global Top 10 are all located in the U.S.