Apple is manifestly going to set up its music library matching and cloud storage service  ‘iTunes Match’ for international users. According to the reports, customers will  now have an option to access the iTunes Match sign-up page using this direct link. This was working in Canada, where Match costs $27.99 per year.

We managed to sign up for iTunes Match using the above link, too, however iTunes prompted us to log out and login back as there was something wrong happened. When we logged in back and tried that link again, the purchase link got replaced with an “Add this computer” option, but the same error message appeared. However, we got email confirmation that our iTunes Match subscription had indeed gone through and other users are also receiving the same the email.

But still, our attempts to upload our music library have not yet been successful which make us to believe that Apple have not disclosed to the public. As per the reports, iTunes Match sign-up page is  live only in the New Zealand, Spain  and U.K and other international iTunes stores.