After iPhone’s success, we can definitely assume it to be the reason behind Apple’s success. Today at Interbrand‘s 13th Annual Best Global Brands Report, Apple seems to knock off its competitors with a great margin, as it jumps from #8 in 2011 to #2 in 2012, which shows that it moved to six spots up from its last position in the previous year.

It’s brand value saw a jaw opening increase of 129 percent (the highest out of all the companies in the list) to $76.58 billion, a little lower than Coca-cola, who stands at #1 with a brand value of $77.84 billion. Joseph V. Tripodi, executive vice president and chief marketing and commercial officer at the Coca-Cola Co. says, “We remain very humble that we’re in that top spot”. He continues, “A lot of staying relevant is not being afraid to take risks or do different things” Tripodi said. “It’s less about what you sell and more about what you stand for as a brand and company”. On the other hand, the Search Engine Giant – Google surpassed its rival Microsoft, as it’s brand value increased 26 percent to $69.73 billion that maintains its position at #4, surpassing Microsoft that fell 2 percent to $57.85 billion, which led it to fall off from #3 to #5. IBM stood at #3 on the Interbrand’s 13th Annual Best Global Brands Report.

The shocking result was of Blackberry whose brand value fell 39 percent to $3.92 billion, dropping from #56 in 2011 to #93 in 2012. Alfred DuPuy, Managing Director, Interbrand Canada, made some comments after seeing Blackberry’s situation
“In order to survive, the brand must clearly demonstrate its relevance and value in today’s crowded smart phone market. If BlackBerry can deliver a truly innovative experience designed for today’s mobile professional, it will send the message that the brand is committed to the B2B market on which it had originally built its success.”

Another surprise was of the Social Media Giant – Facebook, who was nowhere on the list in 2011 and this year it marked its spot at #69 with a brand value of $5.42 billion. Interbrand’s 13th best global brands report focuses on some other technology companies also that saw a change in their positions in these years.