Apple’s wearable gadget is finally out alongside the iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus. To start with, its not iWatch as was being speculated in the tech world, it’s called the Apple Watch in a conscious move by the technology giant to market it as a separate product and not as a product extension. It comes in two sizes, three styles, and a host of other options to choose from. Being an accessory it would smartly fit into both your wrist and lifestyle. In terms of features and specs it’s a killer gadget and has Apple’s class and style written all over it. The smart watch is expected to hit the stores in 2015 and here is what we know of this latest offering from Apple’s stable.


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Design, Build & Display
Three editions of this watch would be available – Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and the premium Apple Watch Edition. These watches would be available in two sizes 42mm and 38mm – one for men and one for women. With six different strap options users have the option to switch around. Add to it, six different materials finish (Stainless Steel, Silver Aluminium, 18-Karat Gold, Space Black Stainless Steel, Space Grey Aluminium, and 18-Karat Rose Gold) and color options. It is elegant on the form factor with a square face with rounded edges.

The crowning jewel for Apple is a Digital Crown, a simple spinning dial on the side of the watch. It would allow users to spin and zoom in and out of apps or rotate down through apps. Its interaction ensures that the display is never covered keeping the primary screen on, even when you are moving around within the interface. The force sensitivity touch screen display performs functions with different levels of pressure. Apple is tight-lipped about the display and hence we don’t have details in terms of resolution. What we know is that the much talked about Sapphire Glass makes its debut on this device.

Operating System
The Apple Watch would run on a redesigned Operating System that has been developed with a watch-based use in mind. Like most other specs it is shrouded in mystery as of now. It is expected that Apple would modify the iOS as it had done in case of Apple TV.

Health Kit
This smart watch would take full advantage of HealthKit, a set of APIs Apple introduced alongside iOS 8. It can easily be integrated into the existing health devices and apps and would report and save data to a central location. From keeping tab on your heart rate to prompting you to move around for a few minutes after hours of sitting in a place this watch can help you stay healthy.

During the launch no light was thrown on the battery but the  spokesperson was heard saying that the device would require a nightly charge. Apple products have never been known to walk the extra mile in terms of battery life but the miniature battery would do justice to the device. With no ports seen in the watch all charging and data transfer would follow wireless protocols.

Pricing Estimates
Apple is never known for aggressive pricing and perhaps rightly so given the cult following it enjoys. However long time Apple analysts have come out with the following estimates –

  • Apple Watch Sport with aluminium/glass: $349

  • Apple Watch with stainless steel/sapphire: $999

  • Apple Watch Edition with 18-karat gold/sapphire: $4,999

Apple Watch has been one of the most anticipated products and the first in the post Steve Jobs era. It remains to be seen if Tim Cook can carry forward Job’s legacy and overwhelming desire to innovate and set standards for others to follow.