A small tablet making firm from Spain emerged victorious in the patent infringement case against Apple Inc. A document from the court on Wednesday confirmed the rare case of victory against the U.S. based giant organization in its global level defense of the market for its iPads.

Ironically the Spanish ruling came at the very moment when Apple is waiting for the court decision on a similar case against Samsung Electronics.

The Nuevas Technologies y  Energias Catala (NT-K) from Spain had insistently appealed in a local court in 2010 to put a restriction on the import of its tablet computer — manufactured in China — to Spain.

Pedro David Pelaez, a founding partner of NT-K quipped “We think that, given this was during the launch of the iPad, (Apple) was trying to keep as many tablets from entering the market as possible”

And in reference to the makers of similar products he further continued “We’re nothing; let’s be realistic. I don’t think they were looking just for us, but the sum of all of us together was something.”

Here it is interesting to note that in order to safeguard its own position in the tempting smartphone and tablet market, Apple has been intensely involved in legal fight against Samsung, which is spread over 10 countries.

Just last week an Australian court upheld Samsung’s plea to fast-track the proceedings on its appeal against a ban on the sale of its new Galaxy tablet computer in the country.

As far as NT-K is concerned, the company from the Valencia region of Spain is claiming compensation from Apple for losses incurred during the ban of its product and also is suing the U.S. giant for alleged anti-competitive behavior.

Talking about the damages, Pelaez informed that NT-K, which is also developing software to facilitate computerized ordering at restaurants, had forecasted the sale of 15,000 tablets in 2011 for a total of between 4.5 million and 5.0 million euros ($6.2-6.9 million), before the legal problems surfaced.