With over $110 billion pile of cash, the tech giant theoretically could buy three major competitors and still it will be left with the amount in cash in billions.

We know that’s not how it genuinely, works, but it assists to put the size of Apple’s enormous amount of cash into some aspect.

Apple could (again, theoretically) pick up all of Research In Motion, Nokia and Amazon with its huge amount of cash, looking at current market funding.

Amazon.com = market cap of $86.6 billion
Research In Motion = market cap of $6.85 billion
Nokia = market cap of $13.59 billion

That totals about $107.04 billion, still $3 billion short of the cash Apple presently has on hand (its market cap is about $522 billion). How mind-blowing is that?

Wait for a few days, and maybe they will be able to bail out Netflix while they are at it, too.