If you have been stuck with your Apple TV displaying an error message, each time you try to play iTunes, each time you try to play iTunes in the cloud content, for instance your latest favorite TV show etc, you must know that you are not the only one who has been left stranded. Since last night, the Apple has been showing an error message ‘this item cannot be downloaded on this network, you must be connected to a WiFi network’ whenever someone tries to access it through the cloud network.

When we contacted Apple Support through our phone, the support person sincerely acknowledged the issue and also informed that the issues started creeping in somewhere around 3:30 PST. Also it was informed by the support personnel that the problem, up to the best of his understanding, has got something to do with the iTunes cloud or its services and as of now there is no ETA of a fix up of the issue.

Going by the support forums posts, we came to believe that a similar response has been given to other users as well, and also that the issue is pervasive across all of the platforms. The issue has been inflicted due to the size of the downloads.

I just spoke with Apple Support, they are currently having a problem, they don’t know what is causing it. It seems to be on all platforms and the problem only occurs when your try to download anything over 15mb. They do not have a ETA yet for when this problems gets resolved…

Hence, for now the only way out which is left for the users is to wait for Apple Inc to fix the issue. Being unable to access the iTunes content being hosted by Apple, over a network issue only highlights the incompetency of the cloud media. Each time such a problem arises when the network goes down, you shall not be able to access the information and content which you practically ”own” on the cloud media.