The evolution of the mobile technology has grown over the years and it brings in new technologies day after day and with the global usage of the mobile phones, the mobile apps are gaining more popularity. This growth in the mobile technology has led to the introduction of the mobile apps. A recent update shows that about one hundred billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2016 and are expected to increase in the following year.

The Mobile apps

It is a software application that is designed to run on the wireless devices like the tablet and mobile phones. Normally, these wireless devices are sold with the some of the mobile apps pre installed on the device, example the email client, the web browser, the music and media apps, the mapping apps, calendar and other apps. However, the user can uninstall the pre installed apps if they wish to empty the memory space of the device. If the user wishes to install other apps that are not pre installed in the device, they can be downloaded through a platform called the App store.

The introduction of the app stores can into existence since 2008 and are owned by the mobile operating system like the Blackberry App world, App Store, Windows Phone store and Google Play store. Even the though the targeted devices are the tablet and the mobile phones, the users can also download the app to their desktop and laptop computers. Some of the apps are downloaded for free, while some of them are paid apps.

Mobile Apps

App building platforms

App Machine

This is one of the apps making platform that claims to make the app making process easy and accessible to all the users. This platform allows the users to iterate the building blocks and it works on the principle of scanning the user’s site and pulls the feed of the contents. The App Machine is an inexpensive and a great way of getting the products live in the market.


This platform offers the users with an extensive library of application extensions and pre integrated cloud services in the market. The Appcelerator is best suited for the organizations that are needed to do multiple operating system application development to leverage the web based skills.


This platform is an excellent option for the mobile development platforms based on the open standards and also suited for the broad mobile initiatives. When compared to many other solutions, SAP has a steeper learning curve. SAP partnered with the leading vendor of the mobile app platform-Syclo, but closed its acquisition.


This is a Nottingham based application platform founded in 2011 allows the users to build a mobile application for the Android and iPhone users without any coding.  The platform gives the users a wide range of templates, drop editors and useful drags, including the analytics, push notifications and CRM app monitor the sales. It is also ranked as one among the thirty fastest growing technology companies in the United Kingdom.

Kalipso Studio

This platform offers the app making tool for the Microsoft and Android operating system. The motto of the Kalipso Studio is to focus on the process without concerning the code. This application making tool offers key features like technical support, database synchronization, multi language support, drag and drop editors and the free runtimes.

This is one of the visual and powerful app builder tools with a cloud based platform. is used by many enterprises like Samsung, AT&T and ESPN because it has an integrated backend service with visual development tools.

Appy Pie

This is platform has a range of application building apps with limited and free ad supported version. However, the cost shoots up to forty pounds in a month that allows the users to edit and publish the app in every available platform.


Kony was founded in 2007 and it concerns the consumer facing applications. Through the organic growth the applications have included the business to enterprise capabilities. The user can use this platform to build and deploy the apps for feature phones, smartphones, tablets and both the desktop and mobile browsers. This platform is well suited for the projects that need the use of the native features in the phones.


This is a code free application platform that provides all the necessary services. This will take the services or the contents of the user and creates a native app for both the iPhone and Android users and also creates an HTML5 mobile site.


This offers the users to create an app within nine pounds; however the users must pay between nine to eighteen pounds to submit it to the app store. The AppYourself has a wide range of building blocks and an easy to use interface. The users using this platform have the advantages from the Resmio and the Open Table, thus the usage of the ecommerce capabilities is straight forward.

Bizness App

This is one of the simplest ways to aggregate the existing contents of the social media sites and other websites and is an app maker for all the small business entities. It does not require any programming expertise and the changes can be visualized in the real time and makes it beneficial for small marketing business that needs an application interface.


By using this application platform, the users can create their own artwork, navigational styles and templates. The major apps available for the creation move around the event apps, music, calendar integration, restaurants and music with necessary features like the loyalty card schemes.

Dojo Mobile

This offers a number of widgets that are needed in the creation of the web based applications. This platform gives the developers the ability to use the JavaScript, CSS (cascading style sheets) and HTML to create an interactive mobile web-page for the web kit enabled wireless devices and desktop devices. The Dojo Mobile is an open source development framework that is supported by the Dojo Foundation.

The Dojo Foundation is available in both the commercial distribution as a part of the WebSphere of IBM and as free downloads. This is the best option for the businesses that requires a lightweight and open source mobile web framework that allows them to experience their customized toolkit called the Dojo toolkit.


This platform is different from the other application making tools, as the name implies, it allows the users to make a salad. With this platform the users can build different games within an hour.

jQuery Mobile

This platform is part of the Software Freedom Conservancy’s jQuery, a nonprofit open source project that suits well for the organizations that requires a mobile web framework to leverage the existing jQuery skills. This open source framework allows the users to use the CSS, HTML and JavaScript to create an interactive web page for the mobile phones. It can also be used in the PhoneGap to build the hybrid mobile applications.

Antenna mobility platform

This is an excellent choice for the organizations that must build multi apps for different types of mobile phones and also deploy those apps in the cloud platform. The Antenna mobility platform is composed of scalable cloud runtime service in the development studio with a set of clients that deploying on the mobile devices. The AMPchrome mobile SaaS (software as a service) offers many capabilities like the MDM integration that is based on the acquisition of the Volantis Systems.

These are some of the mobile application platforms that are popular in the market and each one of the platforms has a unique feature and is selected on the basis of the requirements of the market. Many IT companies are making use of these platforms to build a mobile app rather than the web apps because of the increasing dependency of the mobile phones and mobile technology.