“With the constant development in technology and the increase in brand names, it really becomes a tough call to choose the best mobile phone among the numerous ones available in the market. The dilemma in today’s world is to decide between the various Operating Systems of the phone more than the brands of the phone. In that category, two operating systems are ruling the technology world which is ANDROID and WINDOWS. What is so special about these two operating systems? Let us have a quick glance through.

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It is a well known fact that the android is established by Google and Windows OS has been established by Microsoft but what makes the two compete so hard?

Android phones are very user friendly and they have a lot of applications like Google maps, navigation tools, high speed and performance apps which enable the users to stay glued and dependent on the phone.
The special feature of this android phone is that nearly thousands of applications can be used at the same time without majorly disrupting the speed of the phone.
The other added feature of android is that the Wi-Fi connectivity which is very sharp and provides instant usage without any delays.
Irrespective to the camera resolutions, the picture clarity and automatic light adjustment tends to be better in androids than mango Operating Systems.
Windows operating system supported phones give us the experience of using a compact hand sized laptop or PC.
Windows and Android go hand in hand in terms of the user interface but windows tends to vary in terms of the touch screen. Windows offer high sensitive touch screens which saves a lot of time for the users.
In terms of applications it is more or less the same as Android.
Windows attracts the younger generation by supporting XBOX Live integration which provides time to time gaming updates in the phone.


Both Windows and Android have their own advantages and disadvantages and mainly the needs of individuals vary. It cannot be zeroed down to one of the operating system in a general basis as we have seen both the operating systems’ features in varied aspects. In short one might say that windows is the best as long as the user needs a good gaming experience with a high sensitive touch screen. And Android tends to be the best for people who want the help of Google maps, GPS navigators, and simultaneous running of ample number of applications. People who find high sensitive touch screens a little annoying as even a light touch might end up in an unwanted outgoing call or internet access can go for Android as their touch screens or not so sensitive.

Though there are many pros and cons for both the operating systems, either of them tend to put a tough competition in the market irrespective of their mediocre and high prices. Hence how many ever Operative Systems are introduced, customers tend to pick what they desire!