According to the recent data received from the StatCounter via Phandroid, Android has out performed opera browser to become the most widely used mobile web browser. Prior to this, Android had already achieved the status of market leader in mobile devices, and now this comes as an amazing news for the Google owned operating system.

The figures provided by the online measurement service testified that the Robot browser of Android has for the first time taken the number spot, unsettling the previous numero uno, Opera.

The chart basically computes and represents the utilization of various mobile web browsers in the past one year. It showed significant improvements in the mass utilization of Android, which, an year ago had just unsettled BlackBerry to reach number 4 spot.

However, Opera does not seem to be in the disposition to take the lost at the hands of Android mobile browser. The browser which is currently a favorite of Asian and African countries, now has plans for releasing the beta version of its popular Opera Mini Browser. It is expected to further draw in more users and make the mobile web browsing as easy and effortless as possible.

Though unlike Android, the Scandinavian firm Opera, does not have a mobile device of its own to power its products, but it works in close association with Samsung, which pre-loads the Opera browser in its web enables mobile phones.

StatCounter also provided the usage of iPhone and iPod and knowing the popularity of Apple devices, one may think it will rank first. However, the edge that Android has is of numbers. Android has more than 300 million mobile devices in the World. Though, it goes without saying that since iPhone is ranked so closely to the Android despite having lesser devices proves the fact that Apple users use their browser much more than the Android users do.

However, Google is ready with the plans of pushing the mobile version of Google Chrome in the market. The same may be influential in increasing the already flourishing market of Android mobile web users.

Other than that, it is interesting to see how the share of BlackBerry’s mobile users continue to drop down. And so does the number of users accessing Internet through Nokia’s web browser.

Just last month, StatCounter also performed an analysis of which mobile manufacturing company has the most number of web enabled mobile devices. Nokia lead the charts but it is clear that the mobile browsing via Nokia web browsing is not really popular with the users.

Such measurements are anyway an imprecise nature of science. And the fact that it is about the Internet mobile using scenario, makes it even more capricious and fleeting. However the getting the hold of the data, we can only be sure of one thing – Android web mobile browsing is surely growing and if he continues to march ahead on the same road, it is likely to maintain its position.