The world of phone technology has greatly improved over the years. A lot of people had to decide between an Android or iPhone. It has been a hard decision to make, but Android phone technology is improving. This is giving more customers a reason to make the switch from the world of Apple into that of the Androids.

Games and Androids

The big thing that is really making people take interest in the Android is the entire take about gaming technology. Sony has decided to go with a Play-station Mobile phone with an Android operating system. This is huge. Gaming consoles bring in more than a billion dollars in revenue each year. It only makes sense for this to become a cornerstone of new Android smart phone technology.


People have begun to look for this exciting smart phone technology. More people are waiting around to see what companies like Sony are planning next. These are innovative ways to put the smart phone up against the iPhone that has previously dominated everything so far.

Android vs. iPhone

The Android has really struggled to get the same amount of popularity that the iPhone gets. The reason for this is that there are too many Android smart phones out there. When a new iPhone is released national coverage of this event is played all over television. A new Android surface every other month. This may get a lot of Internet buzz, but it still doesn’t match the iPhone. This is why the iPhone has a much bigger fan base.


In reality the Android has made some attempts to gain a bigger fan base through the magic of operating system upgrades. Every operating system has a different name. Every time a new system hits the market it has a different name for consumers. This is how people associate the functions with the different versions. Android community users know that the Honeycomb OS has different features than the Ice Cream Sandwich. The Ice Cream Sandwich also has different features than the Jellybean OS. This is all something that is familiar to Android users, but people outside of this technology community are unaware of this.

Android Security

The Android designers have been working hard to create technology that would make the phone much harder to steal. There was a glitch in the OS that made the phone easy to wipe, but Android programming engineers are working to minimize this risk. There has also been a photograph app that was designed to help people recover their apps quicker. All of this has led to a greater awareness on security issues that Android users are facing.

Android Enhancements

The Android community is also working hard to improve the features of their Bluetooth and 4G technology. There are many phones that are hitting the market and making a wave among consumers. The large number of Android phones with all of this enhanced technology is bound to tip the scales. The Androids are become a better competitor for the iPhone.

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