The brand new Verizon Droid Phone presents the process of Android applications development resembling that of the iPhone applications development. The Android OS is primarily supported by Google.  The Android operating system is famous among the app developers because it is easy to understand. This makes the app process very simple to execute and develop. Powered by the Android platforms  the Droid phone has a big range of provisions to offer the users. This is the reason why the Droid phone is one of the  most dominant smart phone devices in the world.

The fame of the Android phones has increased to such a magnitude that it has become mandatory for any business to have an Android app created for it.

The first act in Android App Development is to go to the  Android app developer website  and download the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). This is similar to the iPhone SDK but concurrently it will be somewhat tough to use for a person lacking primary computer programming skills.The SDK has a Droid emulator. This emulator permits the developers to test the working and effectiveness of the Android app. This helps the developer with not having to load, unload, and reload a part of the software again and again.

The other fascinating feature of the SDK is its capability to adapt and be consistent with the developer’s software tools for the app development. The task of Android application development as a consequence is very simplified. The Android SDK can be easily made coherent with that of the Eclipse IDE. This helps the developers by allowing them to manage several projects at the same time. These projects can be related to Droid phones as well as other phones. The amalgamation of the Droid phone and the Android OS is very much integrated. The other important feature for the developers is chiefly the open source working/ performance of the Droid.

From the present outlook, the Android platform’s future is very bright. The Droid phone is certain to be one the leading smart phones in the competitive market. The technology for the phone has been used in such a way to remove glitches from the device. The Droid phone is certainly going to give tough vying for its other counterparts.