According to research firm IHS Inc., the world’s largest online retailer Amazon Inc, overrides Samsung Electronics as the No. 2 seller of tablet computers last quarter, shipping 3.89 million units last quarter.

Amazon’s share rose to 14 per cent during the last quarter, up from zero in the third quarter, while Samsung shipping gone units down to 8 per cent from 11 per cent, according to Englewood, Colorado-based IHS.

Meanwhile Apple Inc, is still the leading seller of tablet computers last quarter in the market, which accounted more than half of shipments, shipping 15.4 million iPads to acquire 57 per cent of the market share.

Amazon unveiled its Kindle Fire tablet in November last year, targeting to cut down the sales of Apple’s iPad by selling its tablet at less than half the price. Rhoda Alexander, who manages tablet research for IHS said “while the Kindle Fire may have lower the market share from the iPad to some extent but Apple faced even more tough competition from its own iPhone 4S”

“Shipments of the iPad line fell short of IHS estimates in the fourth quarter as many loyal Apple customers devoted their dollars to shiny new alternatives,” she said in the report. “The primary alternative wasn’t the Kindle Fire — which debuted to solid sales in the fourth quarter — but Apple’s own iPhone 4S smartphone.”

Ross Sandler, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets predicted 3 million to 4 million units in the fourth quarter but Amazon’s shipping units figures fell with interpretation. Other analysts anticipated more, with Anthony DiClemente at Barclays Capital looking for 5.5 million and Jordan Rohan at Stifel Nicolaus & Co expected as many as 6 million