When it comes to accessing rich multimedia content on the internet, Adobe Flash Player is often recognized for offering a seamless content viewing experience across multiple platforms. Recently, Adobe Flash Player 12 was released for Windows and Mac users to access rich graphics and animations through Internet Explorer. The software is available for free download for Windows and Mac users and it comes with some enhanced features that are in line with the changing web technologies, and offers a much-needed protection from cyber attacks.


Let’s have a look at what Adobe Flash Player 12 has new for its users:

Automatic Update: If you have Adobe Flash Player 12 on your system, you need not to worry about updating it any more. It will be updated automatically, whenever an update will be available. You can keep accessing your multimedia content uninterruptedly and the update will be installed in the background.

Simple Navigation: Since people use a variety of devices nowadays, the new software allows an easy navigation across multiple platforms. One can easily navigate from a PC to a mobile device, using different web browsers and can access the content without experiencing any issue.

3D Capability: Adobe Flash Player 12 comes with an excellent 3D ability, allowing users to access 3D content with an enhanced experience. Moreover, it will be now more exciting for the gaming enthusiasts to enjoy a variety of 3D games on their different devices. Its stage 3D significantly enhances the rendering capability of both 2D as well as 3D.

The new software allows streaming of video and animated content for multiple platforms, including PCs, tablets, TV sets and mobile devices. The new Flash Player offers streaming at a high speed which can enhance the user experience. Unlike the older versions, it provides content protection support for various platforms such as Android and iOS. It however doesn’t offer support for Windows 8 and 8.1, although it comes inbuilt with MS Windows 8. The software offers support for Safari users, when it runs in the safe mode. If you are using Google Chrome, it will come inbuilt with Safari.

Final Words

The improved features of Adobe Flash Player 12 are making it more popular among its users. It is remarkable to enhance the user experience and more appreciable for its cross-platform navigation capabilities. It offers support for multiple platforms, including the latest Android KitKat 4.4 OS. Not only end-users, but developers are also appreciating this new Flash Player version for its enhanced packaging engine to be used for rich media content creation for the iOS platform, while Android workers can rely on AIR 4.0 for developing graphics and animations. The software offers the needed support to deploy files on a larger scale to enhance its accessibility on the web.

The best thing is that the software is available for free download for both Windows and Mac users. All one needs is to have the latest version of a browser, such as Internet Explorer 7.0, Firefox 4.0, Opera 11 or Google Chrome.