Are you tired of reading lengthy reviews on the cell phone tracker that go on repeating one thing over and over? Read on to know the things you need to know without playing with words.
If you want to know what everyone is going for, it has to Stealthgenie but that should not matter much. You have other valid reasons for opting for StealthGenie as are discussed below:

What Sets The Genie Apart?

  1. To start with, StealthGenie is honest enough to tell you which features they are offering- not like others who claim to offer you a world but most of the features they claim don’t work at all! You are sure to get all the features that are checked on the website’s features section.
  2. Secondly, StealthGenie gives you free updates and upgrades so you continue to get the newest from the Genie at the cost you’re already paying.
  3. And obviously, you get a round the clock customer support to address your queries. I know most cellphone tracker software have it but in most cases the support just doesn’t exist!

There are some features that StealthGenie offers exclusively. They are:

  • Call recording– This unique feature lets you listen to all incoming and outgoing calls as recordings. So at the end of the day, you can listen to all calls made or taken by your employee or children
  • Phone Surroundings– StealthGenie records everything that goes around the target phone within 15 ft. distance. So you an listen to conversations even if the call is not in progress.
  • Trigger Alerts– I believe, it is what StealthGenie is famous for. Setting trigger alerts for SMS, calls and e-mails lets you receive instant alerts for your pre-defined instructions.

Other Useful Features:

StealthGenie has got it all covered. There is nothing that you’ll find in some other cellphone tracker that the Genie hasn’t got. You can access:

  • All SMS and e-mails
  • Multimedia files and calendar logs
  • Geo-location via GPS
  • Location history
  • Address book
  • SIM card change notifications
  • Web browsing history and bookmarks

In short, StealthGenie is a trusted cellphone tracker because it is pretty honest with its customers. Starting from just $8 for a month, you can kick start an effective surveillance system for your kids or employees. Visit StealthGenie website to get your subscription today!