A new buzz in town about Apple hosting an iPad mini event on 0ct 23, which has ‘a little more to show‘ in the event. Who knows whether it is a real news or just another rumor. Whatever it may be, but apparently there is a lot of smoke in town about the iPad Mini event on Tuesday.


Here is the list of those rumored releases that we might see at the much event of Apple:

iPad Mini


The big launch is ofcourse, the iPad Mini that apparently has 16 different versions. From 8GB to 64GB, the versions costs from $250 to $650 with black and white, WiFi, etc.

Probability: With too many rumors, pictures and whispers, iPad Mini is most likely to release soon. But, with the Microsoft surface unleashing soon as well, Apple might just have to be fast on the draw. Hence, its probability is extremely high.

iPad with Lightening Connector

The iPad Mini with a lightening connector is another recent rumor which is extensive and have believable pictures that leaked online today. As it is a recent rumor, we are not provided with much of the details about this product, but one enchanting feature that is grabbing everybody’s attention towards this new product, is the Lightening connector. The LTE would provide a better and faster cellular networking and it’s price is heard to stay the same probably.

This would also give a tough competition to Microsoft’s Surface tablet, but nobody can predict the future.

Probability: Not because of its repeated rumors, but because this release makes a bit of sense, its probability seems to be high.

Retina 13 inch Mac Book Pro


The 13” and 15” laptops with retina displays are also one of the main releases of Apple. The 13” laptop is believed to be getting the same retina screen as that of the 15” laptop. The 13” Mackbook Pro with the retina display might cost you around $1,699.

Probability: This release is not guaranteed, hence has a medium probability. Mackbook sales have been a strong part for Apple and if this release takes place, then it would bring even more fruitful results for Apple.

iBooks 3

Apple always surprises us with new software updates at its event, and iBook 3 seems to be one of those surprising updates.

Probability: Medium. This product will probably have a strong media, mainly focused to compete with the other tablets in the market.

Refreshed iMac, Mac Mini

Another rumor reports a refreshed iMac that caters a thin side profile, huge memory options, a new display ( most likely not retina ). Same rumor is heard about Mac Mini as well.

Probability : Medium. iMac was last updated 538 days ago, so a change is likely to come soon. Whereas the Mac Mini’s last update was done 460 days ago.

Although we all are very much excited about these releases, but we just hope Apple turns these rumors into reality.