Apart from Phone calls, the next most pragmatic mode of communication for business is email marketing. Irrespective of the size of your business, the implementation of email marketing is highly practical and helps boost time efficiency and productivity. For businesses running online, emailing is of prime importance.

Today, there are thousands of email marketing tools offering completely free mailing solutions to large, medium, and medium-sized businesses. This gives everyone the requisite leverage to earn success in the digital sphere. Thus, you must put your efforts into selecting the perfect marketing platform as a business owner.

While deciding your course of action, you need to make sure that the platform you select shares accurate views precisely to reach the target audience. This is only when you can achieve your business goals, and no doubt, email marketing possesses this quality. Hence investing in email marketing will help you to grow your profits. In this context of email marketing, it is advisable to go for email marketing apps if your budget permits.

A company app has proven successful for businesses willing to see a hike in sales and profit returns. You can always opt for service from a top mobile app development company offering outstanding email marketing app features. In this article, you will be getting an idea about the features that your company email marketing app needs to have.

How Does Email Marketing Help Your Business?

With over 4 billion plus email ids today in use, this offers a wide market range to reach out to their potential customer base. Email marketing can create wonders for lead generation.

Customers these days favor direct marketing measures, which is one reason that makes email marketing features more effective than any other online marketing platform.

Companies enjoy reaching out to the customers directly and making them aware of their services and products. Email capabilities offer the potential customer base an idea about the business as per their convenience and time. At the same time, companies also get to track the success rate of every email campaign carried out.

Features that Should Be Used in an Email Marketing App

Email marketing app assists eCommerce marketers send common campaigns or messages to shoppers using smart devices like mobiles, tablets, and computers. All email service providers offer a specific set of functions and features, including the ability to direct email messages in bulk, some pattern of template or layout system, and primary list management. However, along with these basics, marketers also seek to optimize and automate email marketing messages. Here is a list of features of a good email marketing campaign:

  1. Message Automation: One of the powerful features that email marketing can offer is message automation. This feature lets retail marketers send emails to address certain actions or to message in a sequence based on a set of regulations. For instance, consider an automated welcome series. Say a shopper has subscribed to receive newsletters from a retailer. This triggered an automated welcome message conveying thanks to the shopper for the subscription and asking for confirmation for the subscription.
    When the shopper does confirm, another email pops up, which again thanks to the shopper for the confirmation and offers a discount of 20% on any purchase or service hired within a specific period. Alongside, there can be another set of emails designed to follow up the workflow. For example, a follow-up email is directed if the user does not confirm the subscription within 48-72 hours.
    Among other features of message automation, you can take the example of working with transactions. Transaction messages such as order and shipping confirmation can also be combined in the automation workflow when a seller’s website is integrated tightly with a seller’s email marketing service provider. This lets you take action if the receiver fails to open the message, or another follow-up message can be directed after a week since the order arrived to ensure that the product is functioning properly
  2. Responsive Layout-HTML: Mostly, all email marketing service providers allow businesses to send emails in HTML or plain text format. However, the best MSPs do not allow CSS or HTML to create reactive email templates capable of adapting to the receiver’s device. Mobile optimization for email is an alternative available.
    It has been observed that implementing responsive designs with email templates will need a minimum understanding of CSS and HTML. Still, the trick is that Email marketing service providers give users enough templates and designs to carry out responsive design work. Also, this means that marketers will now try to avoid email marketing service providers using layouts that are HTML tablet-based.
  3. Advanced list Maintenance: Addition or removal of email subscribers is a basic email marketing app feature. Hence, please do not settle for any EMSP highlighting this feature as their specialty. Instead, please expect to receive something more from them, such as features that help remove hard bounces automatically, such as invalid mail addresses and soft bounces followed by some failures.
    In addition, subscription changes, opt-outs, and such other features should be available from your EMSP. Also, make sure not to forget to look for the potential to set up a list of management rules which will help to keep everything updated and clean.
  4. Built-In CAN-SPAM Compliance: The CAN-SPAM (Controlling of the assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing) Act of 2003 states the United States standard for posting commercial emails and thereby grants the United States Federal Trade Commission the exclusive right to mandate and enforce such standards.
    This act includes certain requirements stating how the subscriptions are managed. It also includes content and the sending behavior guidelines. Opt service from an EMSP that assures help ensure that any message sent over email is in terms of the US CAN-SPAM act requirement. Apart from the United States, many other countries have similar laws, and a well-aware EMSP can assist with the same.
  5. Ease of Integration: Email marketing works best when closely integrated with various other services and systems. An EMSP should provide you with easy-to-use APIs or a platform extension allowing email capabilities to an e-commerce base.
    But there must be options allowing email capabilities and workflow with social apps, mobile apps, or some loyalty programs. Examples of potential EMSP integrations are a connector for Google Analytics for tracking email conversation and clicks, a connector to 4-Tell’s product recommendation tool for sending personalized messages, and others.
  6. Dedicated IP Address: Talking of email marketing app features, remember that it is important for your business to use a dedicated IP or Internet Protocol address for sending messages to the users in the field of email marketing. Having an IP address of your own can help to improve deliverability.
    This particular feature is meant for organizations intending to send a large number of messages altogether. When selecting MSPs, make sure to check for this capability irrespective of whether your business is ready for the same or not. With the growth and success of your business, you will need a dedicated IP address to boost deliverability.
  7. Deliverability Help: Email Marketing will not work if the messages fail to get through. Though the email marketers lack experience with optimum deliverability, an EMSP should have adequate knowledge about it. Ensure to hire service from an EMSP who is willing to disclose information in the shape of content that displays the basics of some of the best email deliverability practices.
    These measures dig deep into deliverability issues in a specific campaign or message and information that offers feedback regarding deliverability. The ultimate goal for you as an email marketing is to look for an eligible email partner.
  8. Use Dynamic Content for Personalized Emails: Email personalization can help app developers and website owners in leveraging detailed information regarding the customers for brand positioning. With this, brands can also convey messages in a method that resonates well with the customers. When it comes to personalized messaging, it is much more effective in comparison to generic branding as it specifically enhances click and open-through rates.

Wrapping Up

One big reason behind the growing popularity of email marketing strategy, irrespective of other options, is ROI- Return on Investment. For instance, say you get a return of $45 on every single dollar invested in email marketing. Hence, it can be rightly said that investing in email marketing apps is almost 45 times better than investing in other social media platforms such as Facebook.

While businesses can attempt to conduct email marketing campaigns on their own, it is always recommended to hire service from a company excelling the same. Moreover, if you are interested in investing in an email marketing app, you should make sure to go for service from a top mobile app development company.

These companies have a team of professionals who know about email app development for mobile and tablets in detail and can offer you an app with up-to-date email marketing app features. These companies also have 24*7*365 days’ helplines to assist you in getting rid of technical glitches as and when required.