Nowadays, technology has made it easier for us to manage our obligations and responsibilities, even without a PC. For those who make a living online, celebrities, big-time professionals, and even starting businesses can’t afford to miss updates or even leave their online life. As we had mentioned earlier, technology has made our lives easier, through apps!

Never worry about your personal brand! You can now update on the go, check news and updates, all in your smartphone!

Here are some nifty apps that could help you maintain your brand through your phone:

For Communication:

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger
Almost everyone is on Facebook, even you! Talk with your family, friends, or even clients through the Facebook Messenger app brought to you by Facebook. You can send files such as images through the Messenger. Like other communication apps, it also has cutesy features if you want to send someone with a smile!

Skype – free IM & video calls

For professionals who deal via Skype, it is also available via mobile. You can contact your clients and make calls through your mobile phone. This app certainly showcases features akin to its PC version.

For Note Taking:

Evernote Corp.

You can never go wrong with Evernote. Aside from its function as a note-taking app, you can stay updated wherever you go through its suave features. Take photos, jot notes, make to do lists, and more!

Mamoru Tokashiki Voice Recorder

Mamoru Tokashiki_Voice Recorder
If you’re fond of taking voice recorded notes, this app is for you! You can send your voice files through Gmail, set your recording into a ringtone, and even time recordings!

For Blog Management:

WordPress –Automattic, Inc.

Automattic App
If you’re using WordPress as your CMS, then this app is for you. You can update your blog posts through WordPress Mobile. Like it’s web counterpart, this mobile app is free! Aside from blog updates, you can reply to comments, and even view stats of your blog.

Blogger – Google Inc.

Blogger is the ultimate platform for people starting to blog. You just need a Google account, and you’re good to go! Like the previous app, you can update your Blogger blog through this app, and even browse other blogs based on Blogger.

For Productivity:

Trello – Fog Creek Software

Are you having problems remembering things you mean to do for today? This app allows you to keep your to-do lists on track! It can also store multiple to do lists for your multi-faceted life.

Dropbox – Dropbox, Inc.

Are you looking for a great online backup? Would you like to safely save your photos, videos, and other files somewhere incorruptible? Try out Dropbox! This app saves your files in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry if ever your mobile phone drowns down a pool. Moreover, you can sync your files on your PC or laptop through its software counterpart.

Thanks to technology, managing multiple tasks is easier than before. You can say goodbye to bulky notebooks and to do lists. Say hello to these apps designed to make your life easier. Download them now!