It’s been an established fact now that quality backlinks and Google search ranking have a direct relation with each other. The quality of your backlinks decides your Google search ranking.

Gray hat backlinks have now turned a thing of the past as the only way to ensure longevity on the Google rankings is by shunning gray hat techniques and employing white hat quality backlinks to boost your website’s visibility. A through focus is needed on building relevant content that is high on Page Authority and Domain Authority sites.

Building ‘in-content’ backlinks also come handy to score high on the ranking card. Building relevant backlinks are crucially essential to find a place in Google rankings. The only sustainable way to stay long term on the Google search ranking is by getting high authority white hat backlinks, and the sooner you get the better it will be.

Link building underwent a drastic change in the recent past. Writing for irrelevant article directories or attaching article with one’s backlinks is going to be an effort in vain, as it is not going to be duly rewarded by the Google search rankings. Building the relevant and right backlinks is the only key for promotion in the search results.

One must consider certain things before getting backlinks from a domain and that includes a relevancy to the content and site, whether it has high DA score and does it link to you naturally. Considering Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) before choosing a domain for backlinking is fundamental to one’s success. These are the proven and tested metrics for determining a good backlink.

While choosing PA and DA, one must always go with sites with higher DA than higher PA. Just getting high authority backlinks is not everybody’s cup of tea and is never going to be an easy task. The following tactics will keep you in a good state to find your way ahead. Link Building is akin to social media, people will automatically like your content if it gets them started and inspired.

Using infographics to convey a piece of information is always a powerful and a potent medium than a written content. As they say, a picture speaks louder than words; infographics are an excellent source to attract attention. For one thing, it is easy to share them on social media, the more it gets spread, and the more likely you are to get quality backlinks. One can also couple infographics with a blogging strategy for better results.

  • Creating relevant content to build white hat back links.

Using link worthy content on one’s blog and using it as a reference to guest post is a good way to do it. Writing data-heavy content facilitates linking better than other contents. You can also use data from sites like Staista, Pew Research and other reliable sources to your advantage.

  • Testimonials

Testimonials are always welcomed to put up on the home page of the site by companies. Submitting reviews for the customers can be extremely rewarding as it can fetch you high authority backlinks. Offering testimonials to boost one’s credibility is always met with success. This creates a path for you attract high authority backlinks as people are willing to bank upon you.

  • Using broken link strategy

Contacting bloggers of non-existent pages for broken link strategy is an effective and trusted method to get quality back links. Employing broken link strategy is yet another way to attract high authority backlinks and boost your Google ranking score. Links pointing to non-existing websites can be used to your advantage. Finding resource pages in one’s niche help find such broken links.

  • Getting easy links from blog aggregators like AllTop

High authority links can further be secured easily by submitting one’s blog to different blog aggregators. AllTop, Regator, and BlogHub are some of the blog aggregators. Doing so gets you linking opportunities by disseminating your content.

  • Using sources like Help a Reporter Out (HARO ) and MyBlogU to get high authority links

Both of these are excellent sources to extract high authority backlinks. HARO is a platform where reporters and journalists pose different industry specific questions to do research for their stories, answering them ensures free coverage in sites like Forbes, HuffingtonPost, while MyBlogU is a medium for content creators and businesses to collaborate.

  • Outreach

Linking out others is often rewarded by gaining backlinks in return. Reaching out to bloggers increases the chances of getting back links. Targeting same bloggers as befitting your level is a key to get backlinks in return. Outreaching is one of the safest strategies to get high-quality backlinks without getting penalized.

  • Blogger Roundups

There are certain blogs that do not run daily but operate once or twice a month, these are an excellent source of getting high authority backlinks. Garnering expert opinions from the bloggers in your niche regarding a specific issue further helps in getting you backlinks.

These are just a few simple ways through which you can build high-quality white hat backlinks for your website and boost its visibility. Always make sure that the websites you are getting backlinks from should be credible and enjoy good authority.

That said; what are your views on this? What all steps do you adopt to create high-quality backlinks? Do let us know in the comments.