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Radius, a huge Predictive marketing software startup (run by an early Facebook employee Darian Shirazi) raised funding of $50 million on Wednesday led by Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund. Shirazi was the first intern at Facebook, Now CEO of Radius, co founded Predictive marketing firm in 2009.

With the latest investment round, the six-year-old San Francisco-based company will have raised $125 million to date, following a $54.7 million Series C round that closed last September.

Though the company has not disclosed the actual amount but their spokesperson stated it’s north of $500 million. Every time the company multiplies its amount with round raise.

Among the list of Radius investors few of them are Jerry Yang’s AME Cloud Ventures,Formation 8, Glynn Capital Management, Salesforce Ventures, BlueRun Ventures and Yuan Capital. Other investors who participated in in Radius’s investment rounds are Morgan Stanley chairman John Mack and actor/entrepreneur Jared Leto.

Some of the prominent competitors of Radius include Six Sense Media,  Lattice Engines and Infer. Its outstanding list of client includes POS maker Revel Systems and office supply chain Staples.

Radius is planning to use the raised firm for continuous development of its intelligence cloud scaling to customer success organisation. The management has decided to use the fund for long term roadmap.

Last year (September 2014), Darian Shirazi ( an early Facebook employee ) proclaimed to see Radius as one of the largest publicly traded company. Over the period of 12 months Radius has constantly increased its revenue more than 400 %. In addition it has also acquired more than fortune 100 customers related to finance, retail and technology.