The good old days of using cluttered websites, broken links, and unresponsive websites are the things of the past. It is time to embrace the modern era of web development. Nowadays websites are responsive, interactive, and created in an outstanding manner. However, there are many variables that make a website much more efficient. Plus, the way it shows the data with the most importance. This where AngularJS frameworks play an important role.

In this blog, we will discuss 5 reasons why AngularJS is the most popular framework and why makes AngularJS’s popularity even huge.

1. Enhanced Developer Community Support  

Another reason why AngularJS is the most popular framework is that of the enhanced developer community support. These AngularJS developers are experts in making the necessary improvements to the open-source framework. They also conduct regular conferences for AngularJS and IT development companies globally to know about all the latest uses of AngularJS. Therefore, when it comes to the popular AngularJS framework for development you will never fall short of getting the best AngularJS for your web application development.

2. Offers Many Filters  

AngularJS frameworks come with many filters to transform your website or web application according to the stored data in AngularJS responsive design. The AngularJS directory offers developers a number of filters for currencies, data, numbers, lowercase, uppercase, and much more. In addition, it also offers an option to create your own filter by registering for the new filter factory.

3. Easy Testing

Testing is an important part of any website or web application. When it comes to testing in AngularJS it is done in an easy manner. It is because it is easier for developers to manipulate different parts of the application which are placed into AngularJS. The module separation feature in AngularJS allows web developers and web development companies to load the required services and execute the automated testing with ease.

4. Two-Way Data Binding

Another top feature of AngularJS frameworks is the two-way data binding feature. As the feature of the AngularJS framework, any changes taking place in the web application will have an effect on the user-interface and vice-versa. By using the AngularJs framework, the changes in the application modules and functionalities will change together instantaneously.  

5. Offers Modularity  

Modularity is one of the reasons why AngularJS is the most popular framework in JavaScript-based frameworks. It allows developers to create multiple modules for one single website or web application. All these modules created are dependent on each other and you can combine them to run a complete application. The AngularJS recognizes the requirement for creating an additional module so that it can be combined with other application modules.


The above points give you a huge idea that why AngularJS is the most popular framework in web application development. When it comes to working around web application development using JavaScript frameworks, there is no framework like AngularJS. Moreover, it is beneficial for companies who want to develop single-page web applications. Therefore, follow these steps before hiring any AngularJS development company.

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