Did you know, which is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world? Maybe you don’t know yet, but you should definitely. Before knowing the answer, it’d be better if you peruse through some data and stats.
WordPress captures a whopping 60% market share of content management system software! Which means, 6 out of ten websites using CMS around the world trust this particular piece of technology. Not surpassingly, the next big player in the market had to contend with only a meager 6 percent share.

  • Close to 27% of all websites in the world now use WordPress or powered by this CMS
  • It has over 40 thousand plugins and there are 72 translations of this popular software
  • Close to 80 million websites in the world use this CMS is one form or another
  • 1 in every four sites in the world are powered by this popular software
  • It’s quite clear how WordPress continues to be trusted the most by market purely for being loaded with a whole host of features and functionalities. Launched in 2003 only as a blogging platform, it has taken a massive leap to become the undisputed leader of the domain.

Why should your business switch to WordPress?
Most of the top business houses have websites built using WordPress, which shows the kind of trust and goodwill this piece of technology enjoys worldwide. Hidden in this support is a message for your business as well – to make the much-needed switch. Are you ready? If you need a bit more of convincing, go ahead and read the reasons outlined below –

Switch to WordPress1

1# Free of charge
WordPress is an open source CMS. Its codes are easy to find and use. Plus, it’s free of charge to use. Which means no matter which kind of website or blog you want to create, you won’t have to pay anything ever if you used this popular platform. Clearly, this cost benefits make it immensely desirable by entities either not having bid budget for web projects or don’t want to splurge beyond a specific point. No hidden cost, nothing pay for licensing purposes and absolutely zero money even if needs come to extend the features and functionalities. You clearly can’t ask for more, can you?

2# Easy content management
We know how much important is to manage the content of a website so that users or visitors can be provided with information in a right manner. Content management, however, is not that easy unless you have a proven software system for that. With WordPress platform, it’s quite easy to update the content such as text, images, videos, etc. without incurring much of cost. Similarly, managing the content becomes a quite a time-efficient solution when you trust WordPress platform. Plus, this CMS is scalable, portable and gives the opportunity to be scaled as per the growing needs of the business. Plus, it’s simple to move from one server to another and likewise.

3# Search Engine Friendly
SEO is important as without it, having a website is not of much help. After all, unless the website and its elements are optimized completely, they won’t be visible to more people on the web. In that light, WordPress helps a great deal for allowing the creation of search engine friendly sites and apps. From creating permalinks for pages to inserting keywords in those links, from adding tags to the post to helping in navigation – a variety of SEO-friendly tasks are enabled when you use this platform. Plus, you can use alt and title tags to optimize images and can leverage clean and organized code. All this means you needn’t invest in marketing as your platform is capable of that itself.

4# Improved Security
In the web world, only secure sites and apps do make any business sense as people only trust them. If your website is not secure, nobody would go ahead and use card data and other sensitive information on that. This is where WordPress helps a lot as it’s known for sprucing up the security of the websites through a variety of robust security features. Plus, it’s one of those platforms that get updates on a regular basis so that any hacking risks can be kept away. Plus, they have verified and trusted themes to trust which your business can use and remain away from security risks.

5# Customizations
No platform gives as much opportunity of customizations as WordPress does. After all, it has thousands of plug-ins that your business can use and extend its functionality. Plus, a whole host of themes is also available to customize the look and feel of the site. Similarly, there are plenty of WordPress plugins to make the site rich in features and add value to the overall operations. This is how business goals are realized in a true sense.