With the launch and humungous growth of Google Plus, many people have begun to think that Facebook’s reign of the social networking world may be (relatively)soon close to be being over. Is this because people are infatuated with Google Plus? Or because of people disdain hatred for Facebook (some people, not everybody) and what the new social platform can do to their lives.

A lot can be learned from the last F8 conference. Mark Zuckerberg, even though he can be really “awkward” (I guess that just depends on what you think awkward really means), has all ears on him once the big screen of Facebook appears behind him, and he’s walking back forth on stage – you pay full attention. This is true whether you think he is being awkward or not. This is because you know that what he is saying is going to be important. Anyways, I digress, but this brings me to my first point…


1) F8 and the new design of Facebook, which will be called Timeline strongly shows that they just have a tremendous head start in social network world. They have more insight to the nature of the beast – the online social world. And since the foundation of their product was built upon human relationships and how we interact, it is where everything is heading.

In contrast, Google’s foundation is search. “Search” VS “Social” are two different things that define us as human beings. Who will win? It is such an interesting story and one that may take many years to figure out.

2) Facebook Does have a search provider on their side. Even though it’s not the biggest one, having Bing on their side may perhaps lead to playing a huge role in how “Social” meets “Search” This is what Google is trying to do right now.

3) People have a Facebook addiction. It is a huge part of our lives. For a lot of people in the world, Facebook is just as important as waking up and eating breakfast in the morning. This is especially true in the teen world. Teenagers can be totally consumed with Facebook. Google Plus may have more than 25 million users, but Facebook users are on Facebook more than any other website.

4) It took Google Plus 16 Days to hit 25 million users, but would those users be there if it wasn’t for the search giants already humungous platform of users. Even though Facebook’s growth was much slower, it was growth that fundamentally grew because of its ability to connect people. Google’s growth is due to the fact that they can put a little blue arrow on the biggest search engine in the world’s homepage that advertises their new social platform.

That being said, this may also be Google’s largest advantage. This is because they can continue to work on Google Plus until they get it right basically free of charge. They are basically free rolling now, and that is giving them a lot of time and a lot of data to do whatever they want with Google Plus.

5) People love the Facebook story. People loved that it started on the college scene. It used to be an awesome and exclusive way to brag that you went to college, and to meet others that were on the same campus as you. People loved the story so much, that it kicked off a great movie – a movie that had all the different kinds of drama from life that you could ever ask for.

As Mark Zucherberg said in one of his many Interviews said: “When you make a great product, one that people love, you can afford to make a lot of mistakes.” You will notice that everybody always hates the new Facebook updates at first, but sooner or later, everybody begins to love them – Just like the News Feed. We’ll just have to see if that trend continues with the rollout of “Timeline.”

Author Bio: This article was written by Philip Russell of www.inetzeal.com. There he helps to provide link building services, along with many other SEO related services. In his spare time he enjoys writing articles about Itnernet marketing and social media.