2013 saw a tremendous growth in cloud technology. In the last five years cloud has grown from a buzzword or a new technology to a household name and it can be safely said that this trend will continue in 2014. There are many factors which have pointed in that direction.

The first and foremost is its popularity. Every big online player be it Google or Amazon have very successfully incorporated cloud. Other big thing that has gone in the favor of cloud is its huge array of features. It provides almost every requisite for a successful operation.

Better Security

Every year new efforts are being made to make sure that the security is of the best quality in the cloud services. Many surveys like that of 451Research or CloudPassage have shown that the main adoption concern for the cloud is its security but with companies doing everything in their power to make sure that security is of highest order it can be safely said that security concerns will become a problem of the past in 2014.

Paradigm shift

The huge surge in the usage of mobile phones and tablets have been encountered in the recent times and with newer innovations and technologies it is of no doubt that this trend will continue to grow. This in turn has resulted in the usage of cloud as everyone needs to access their data on the go which is duly provided by the cloud. Innovation like Google glass is already benefitting from the information on the cloud and definitely more technologies like these will be invented.


Ask anyone which technology gives cheap and quick service, everyone would unanimously say cloud. With the economic downturn likely to continue in 2014, like earlier years, cost cutting would be a major concern for the organizations. And one major contributor to this cost cutting is cloud technology. Along with its access anytime anywhere concept, cost cutting is the biggest seller of cloud. With cloud’s pay as you go model one has to pay only for the time usage is being done rendering cloud more usability.

Social media

Almost every technology user nowadays has a social media account. Be it a friendly one on Facebook or a corporate one on LinkedIn. Facebook alone has more than one billion users and counting, also throw in the mix platforms like twitter and you have an army of social media users. With new jobs emerging and more people getting access to technology the number of social media is only going to increase. These media interfaces all incorporate cloud in their operations.


The latest service to emerge from the cloud environment is the networking as a service. Naas give organizations their own LAN without the hassle of adding and removing clients. NaaS uses a cluster of points of presence which are intelligently located near providers and users. The firms get their own virtual networks while the end users get a LAN like experience.

In the end it can be said that cloud is surely a trend of the present and the future. It is a train which if organizations don’t board will get left behind.

Josephine Clark, Editor at QuickBooks Cloud Hosting DotNet spends considerable part of her time in writing about technology including quickbooks cloud hosting and Hosted PBX. When not writing, she loves to dig deeper into knowing the best and the latest technology in industry.