Gadgets have changed a lot over the years, and where once we grew attached to our mobile phones and other similar tech, these days many of us are counting the days until our next upgrade.

So with that in mind, what’s the argument in favor of selling even a relatively new smartphone?

The Nokia Lumia 800 has been around since early 2012, but as time goes by more and more owners will reach the end of their contracts and officially take possession of their handset without anything more to pay.

You might still get quite attached to your phone – it is a Nokia, after all – but here are five good reasons to sell a Nokia Lumia 800 and invest in a newer model.

1. New Lumia’s

The most obvious reason to sell any mobile phone is in order to upgrade, and Nokia don’t let you down on that front.

More recent introductions to the Lumia family include models that run Windows Phone 8, rather than Windows Phone 7.

There are also models with wireless charging, meaning you simply need to put your phone down on a charging plate to begin restoring power to the battery.

2. Seamless Transition

Much of the data stored on a Windows Phone device is backed up automatically to your online profile – and that means when you change device, you can take your data with you.

Simply log on to a new WP-powered handset, and it should synchronize with all of your online information, restoring things like contacts, phone numbers, emails and calendar entries without any problems at all.

3. Money

If your contract entitles you to an upgrade anyway, then let’s be honest, most people will gladly accept one.

That leaves you with an old handset that’s now doing nothing – so you may as well sell it! In the case of a fairly new model like a Nokia Lumia 800, you could be in line for some decent money in exchange.

4. Help Others Out

It’s not just about the money; having an all-singing, all-dancing smartphone sat in a desk drawer doing nothing is frankly a waste.

The second-hand smartphone market helps people who can’t afford the latest models to get a modern phone without busting their budget, and by adding your old phone to those that are for sale, you could give it a new lease of life with a new and hugely appreciative owner.

5. Protect the Environment

Finally, recycle a Nokia Lumia 800 and you can do your bit for the environment, whether it goes to a new owner or is simply broken down and disposed of in the appropriate ways.

Getting rid of your phone through a legitimate channel, such as a recycling service or a second-hand sale, ensures none of its metals or chemicals end up in landfill – allowing you to use your new smartphone with a clear conscience.

About the Author: Alisa Martin focuses on the beginning and end of gadgets’ life-cycles – such as what inspires people to buy or sell a Nokia Lumia 800, rather than the experience of owning one – to better understand what drives the consumer electronics market and sustains it for the long term.