After much mocking, Google has lastly rolled out the newest version of Android, version 4.4 which has been named “KitKat”. Android 4.4 carries a number of enhancements, some of which lie behindhand the scenes, that are sure to advance an Android user’s experience. Presently, KitKat is only accessible on the Google Nexus 5, but will soon be accessible on the Nexus 4, 7 and 10, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Play Edition as well.

While you wait for your Nexus 5 to attain, or for your smartphone to acquire Android 4.4, here is a list of some of the more outstanding modifications to look forward to.

1. Better Memory Management

KitKat is intended to run on devices with as little as 512MB of RAM. Google has employed behind-the-scenes enhancements to Android 4.4′s memory supervision, and will be offering developers and OEM creators with tools and options to take benefit of these enhancements. These memory enhancements are anticipated to lead to quick multi-tasking as well.

2. Immersive Mode

Let’s face it; Android’s navigation buttons and status bar can at times get in the way, particularly when you are watching videos, reading eBooks or playing a game. Luckily, Android 4.4 comes with an innovative immersive mode that hides the whole thing excluding the application you are using. Once you are done, just swipe the edge of the screen to get back your navigation buttons and status bar.

3. Integration With Cloud Storage

Android 4.4 comes support for cloud storage way out such as Google Drive assembled into the operating system. This means that you can save and open straight from the cloud, deprived of having to save into your device’s storing first. Applications such as QuickOffice are by now capable to take benefit of this incorporation and open documents right from Google Drive on your Android gadget.

4. Printing On The Go


Google is making it much stress-free to print photos or documents on your smartphone by constructing support for Google Cloud Print unswervingly into Android 4.4. This will let you to print documents over Bluetooth or WiFi. Of course, this feature is restricted to companionable printers with wireless abilities, support for Google Cloud Print, as well as some printers that have applications accessible in the Google Play Store.

5. System-Wide Closed Captioning

Android 4.4 increases user convenience by adding support for system-wide closed captioning settings. You can choose whether captions should be displayed, the language captions will be displayed for, and text-related settings such as font and size. Applications that use video will be capable to access these settings and display on screen captions founded on your settings.