With the massive increase on smartphone usage globally, great opportunities are beginning to emerge in the mobile world. Many businesses took advantage of this industry and many mobile app startups hit the goldmine. There are still startups and enterprises coming up with an amazing mobile app ideas with taking advantage of demand in mobile. However, nowadays, the chances of being successful in mobile app business are quite low whether you have a great app with non-marketing or have a great marketing strategy with a mediocre mobile app because of the highly competitive landscape in mobile app stores.

Here are 5 must-haves to find the missing piece in the puzzle of mobile app success in 2017:


1. Brilliant Idea

Before you start to develop an app, you need to be sure that your idea is innovative enough to engage a particular audience. Considering massive crowd in mobile markets, it is very hard to solve a specific problem which has been solved unless you’re solving ten times better than existing app. Namely, having a brilliant idea that is resolving a specific problem innovatively, covers the big piece of success puzzle in mobile because if you’re solving a specific problem that many people having, means you already have a niche audience who are ready to become a user of yours with a minimum effort of marketing.

2. Neat Design

Whatever you’re building, make it easy as possible because one of the biggest challenge of having a successful mobile app is a retention issue. Presenting great features with poor user experience will kill your brilliant idea and great features just over there because people are get easily bored with mobile apps recently while there are millions of other options in app stores and once they uninstall it, it is very tough business to convince them to use your app again. Therefore, you’ve one shot to impress your users and first experience is crucial to seize this opportunity so use it wisely.

3. Strong App Marketing Strategy

Most of app developers or owners think that their creation is so good that doesn’t need a marketing strategy because it sells itself. There is nothing be more wrong than this thought because there are more than 5 million apps available in front of your new app when you get into app stores.Users will be like looking for a needle in haystack when they want to find your app. Marketing your app is the only way out to get traction about your app with spreading the word by acquiring much and much users. Therefore, it is important focus on marketing strategies even before launch to promote your app for better visibility in front of your audience.

Sky is the limit for app marketing strategies but most important thing is to find the best channels for marketing your app which are range from PR, social media, influencer marketing, to Cost Per Install Advertising and beyond.

4. Adoption of New Technologies

Technology is moving so fast that even if you use high tech to add innovative features to your app while building in today, it’s not guaranteed to keep its popularity in the next year when you finished building your app. So, you need to update your app regularly according to recent developments in mobile world to hold the competition advantage if not there will be other apps will come up with more compatible and flawless app than yours which users will definitely prefer it in place of your app. Therefore, you need to keep it simple and updated with new features of Apple or Google, will keep the buzz around your app and grow your community larger and larger.

5. Engagement Plan

In 2017’s one of the most important issue in app business is to keep acquired users in your app. Recently, people get easily bored from a mobile app and remove it instantly from their smartphone, this is because they have thousands of other options wait in the app store. So, you need to prepare an engagement plan like push notifications, in- app messages and email marketing for your users to keep them happy about your app.

With the amazing pace in mobile technologies and increase in smartphone usage across the globe, mobile applications will be still in demand from people for a while without a doubt. However, it would be harder to have a piece from app business cake because around of a cakeis getting increasingly crowded day by day. For this reason, you need to have a perfectly designed great idea with a strong app marketing strategy to stand out in mobile app markets.