Smartphones have gone on to make themselves indispensable for businessmen. It is akin to having a sturdy assistant, equipped with everything and every document you might ever need, by your side at all times. Smartphone industry has advanced a lot during the past three years. It has also given birth to mobile app industry, which is now become an even bigger and more powerful industry in itself.

These apps have made smartphones more powerful than ever. Now you can do wonders with these small hand held devices. This post especially discusses the most popular smartphone apps meant for businessmen. With these apps, businessmen, entrepreneurs and drop shippers can make and accept credit card payments, take notes, remotely run presentations, communicate via Google voice, swap business cards and get a lot of other things done with ease. Here are my top five must have smartphone apps for businessmen in random order.

1. Square

As a businessman, you often have to use your credit card to make and accept payments. Square is such a handy app that it allows you to make and receive credit card payments right through your smartphone. Square is a free card reader app with an intuitive interface and universal fee of 2.75 percent per transaction. This app is compatible with all popular credit cards such as American Express, Visa, Master Card and Discover. Square is a must have app for freelancers, individual contractors and small business owners.

2. Evernote

It can be normal for businessmen to forget things as there is just too much to do and it’s easy to forget things. However, with Evernote, you do not have to worry about anything as you have a virtual assistant who can help you sail through everyday tasks. Evernote is a very handy app, which is capable of storing photos, bookmarks, text, notes and voice recordings. It can also be used to tag notes as per their location.

3. Scatterslides

Don’t you just hate it when you have to drag along your laptop every where you go just because you have a presentation? Now you no longer have to! Scatterslides is such a useful app that helps you stream presentations via Wi-Fi to larger screens. This app also allows your smartphone to act as a remote control for your presentations as you can move from slide to slide by a mere flick of your finger. Microsoft Powerpoint and OpenOffice files are fully compatible with this app and it also offers flawless quality for popular animation, audio and video formats.

4. Google Voice

Google Voice is a native app for android users and helps businessmen to easily interact with their customers, trade suppliers and other important clients via using Gmail. They can easily make calls using a unique Google number and receives emails containing your transcribed voicemail. This app offers low-cost international calls, which is a definite plus for businessmen.

5. Bump

I cannot even begin to stress the importance of carrying business cards with yourself but sometimes, you just run out of them. With Bump however, all your worries will subside as you can easily handout your business card to anyone without running short. Bump is a free app which enables the user to easily exchange contact information or photos between two phones. Now whether you are going on a conference, meeting or anywhere, there is no need to keep your business cards with you. With just couple of touches, you can transfer your contact information, business summary or any other important information to all of your new contacts.

So these were some of the apps that made my list. If you know of some other apps which can come in handy for businessmen, feel free to share.

Author Bio: This post is written by Susan Smith a professional writer having many years experience in wholesale business and B2B marketing.