Your calendar solely represents the level of hard work and the eye for perfection which you may possess and thus it is extremely important for you to prepare high quality and mesmerizing calendars.

Provided below is the set of options you must consider, prior to going for printing the calendar.

1. To Begin With, Use the Basic Template Design

Perhaps the most convenient to getting started is with the help of a basic template, which will guide you in effective calendar printing. With the help of the template, you can very easily just feed in the images and texts on each of the pages without having to start with the process from very scratch, which may take you months altogether to do it. Along with that, it provides the calendar with the much-required uniformity and organization of materials.

The template acts like frames and provides you with the option of organizing the inputs. You may get the template from MS Word 97 or can even build the same with the help of tables and include the image boxes to enable graphics.

No create a new document whose size is that of the calendar also make way for the margins and other allowances that are required by the printing company. The standard margin of 1/8 inch or .125 extending beyond the actual size is a must called for step.

2. Select the Astonishing Images

The photos and images play an important role in the calendar as that is what makes the entire thing look impressive. To make your calendar a success, you need to have really impressive and dazzling photographs. Of course, the choice of the camera matters a lot if you decide to take the photographs by your self and the best solution that lies with you is a professional digital SLR camera. Also, take into consideration the time of the day it is and the light and focus issues.

Hire professional photographers for the purpose of getting great pictures in your calendar. These days, there is a wide surge of fervent photographers who have a DSLR camera of their own and performs photography as a hobby. If you are aspiring for a really glamorous calendar, you may also wish to hire professional models to pose for the calendar. Another cost-effective solution is to just download the premium photographs from the internet, pay a little fee for them, and save you from hiring photographers and models. The point is, either have great photographs or none at all.

3. Maintain Consistency in Style

To get the professional feel for your calendar, it is important for you to get a consistent style, use similar elements and styles all through, and do not appear abstract and mismatched at the same time.

In order to make the look of the calendar much more professional, use the classic fonts and styles. Do not use a lot of fonts and make the calendar appear absurd.

Select the single medium for the graphics. All the months must get a separate image for itself and there must be continuous flow from top to bottom for the same.

4. Begin With the Simple Stuff at Hand

Simple, yet elegant! That should be the secret formula behind your strategy. Be observant of the latest trends, yet keep it simple.

5. Finally, The Quality Matters

While printing the calendar, opt for the offset printer. In this regard, you have the choices for printing in 100 lb gloss text with a 100 lb gloss cover or 100 lb matte cover. The offset printer maintains the quality of the output, without burning a hole in your pocket.

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