Most small businesses are embracing cloud service providers for want of better growth and productivity for their business. Going paperless is definitely the need of the hour, both from an environmental as well as a business perspective. From a business perspective, it is important to share information at a fast pace and cloud apps really become useful there.

Cloud apps for small business


Invoicera is a unique cloud invoicing product that helps you with a host of features. It does not help you with invoicing alone. The product helps you with online invoicing, time tracking, and task and team management, all in one product. The product has got some unique features like scheduling of invoices and multiple payment gateways. Invoicera also integrates with your Google Apps account and your iGoogle account. The product also helps enterprises with custom work-flow management and self-hosted invoicing.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the smartest office app that lets you create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online from any system. One can easily share these with colleagues and clients. Google Drive lets you save files to up to 5GB of free cloud space.

One can easily access a Google Drive account from a Google account. The tool also gives you the option of letting your colleagues edit these files online from anywhere. The best part about Google drive is that all your documents get auto-saved while you create them.

With all these features and a user-friendly interface, Google Drive is the most essential cloud app for any small business.


Marketing is the most essential aspect of any small business and so is regular engagement with customers. Sending bulk emails helps you tell your customers about the latest happenings in your company while also soliciting feedback from them. E-mailers are also a very good way to send out promotional offers and discounts to your existing database of customers. MailChimp is a very helpful E-mail marketing application that helps in creating templates and sending bulk e-mailers to clients.


If you are managing a large team, and multiple projects then this product is really helpful in improving your business productivity. Basecamp is a cloud app that provides unique user Ids for internal as well as external users to log in from anywhere. Basecamp’s user interface is very similar to that of a social media platform which makes it one of the most interesting projects management software for businesses. Basecamp helps you with a calendar,  work-in-progress, team, tasks to be done, E-mails, attachments, and more.



Marketing automation helps you with taking your business to the next level. Now here is a cloud service provider that can take care of your entire sales and marketing tasks. Besides that, it helps you to categorize your customers. You can manage your employees and client interactions easily with this platform. Salesforce is a very user-friendly product.