Apps in higher education are literally making waves and are being used by the students to make their academic life a whole lot easier. The pressures of this life can get one down, but mobile apps are turning out to be a great way to manage these pressures and make positive inroads in the world of higher education.

So, let’s take a look at just some of the Android apps that are making their presence felt in the world of higher education:

1. Virt U: The Virtual University

TechieApps-5 Android Apps that are making waves in Higher Education-Virt U-Virtual-University
This free Android App is a great way of getting a look into the lectures that are taking place in the top universities like Berkeley, MIT, Harvard, and Stanford. Users can download and watch lectures absolutely free of cost; as can be imagined this is something that cannot be missed. There are hundreds of lecture videos you can choose from, and can view them online and offline. It also has Facebook integrations, which allows you to share your favorite lectures with friends, and what’s more if you want to discuss your favorite lectures, you can make use of the Virt U forum.

2. Google Reader

TechieApps-5 Android Apps that are making waves in Higher Education-Google Reader
This is an Android app that just about everybody and anybody can use; it’s not something that has specifically been built for higher education, but it does make a contribution to the same, if it is used accordingly. The use of Google Reader will help you gather the latest news stories, articles, and blog posts about the subjects that you like and which can help you in your academic pursuits; what’s more you can store all this information at one location and access it whenever you have need for it.

3. Droid Scan

TechieApps-5 Android Apps that are making waves in Higher Education-Droid Scan
Wouldn’t you just love to take pictures of your notes, lectures and then convert them into documents to view them on your computer at your leisure? Well, your dream’s just turned into reality with the Droid Scan that uses your Android device’s camera like scanner. So, take those photos of all those handouts, you are getting, whiteboard discussions, or the notes of all those classes that you have missed, and organize them the way you want them to be organized. Sounds good? Well, when you use it, things will only get better.

4. Evernote

TechieApps-5 Android Apps that are making waves in Higher Education-Evernote
This is the one of a kind of note taking app and if you are making productive use of your smartphone, then there is a very good chance that Evernote will already be on your device. But, if it isn’t, then it’s time that you download this app, as it allows you take notes, take photos, record audio, and create your very own to-do lists and this is displayed to you in a manner that is highly engaging and very intuitive. As can be imagined, this is one of those general productivity apps that can be used in diverse domains and one such domain is higher education.

5. Wolfram Alpha

TechieApps-5 Android Apps that are making waves in Higher Education-WolframAlpha
If there is a list of apps that are making inroads into higher education, then Wolfram Alpha always makes it to this list. Students are always on the lookout for answers to challenging questions in mathematics, physics, chemistry etc. and this app help them get answers to the toughest questions. Yes, that problem solving website is now available as a mobile app, and you must make a beeline for it.

So, here they are higher education android apps that are doing some good work and are being used by students to help them with the trials of their academic life. There are many more out there who are also doing a good job, and all you need to do is search for them.