In this day and age, every activity of our life is connected with the digital world. We are highly dependent on the internet for almost everything one can think of. Whether it is navigating through streets or shopping online or ordering food online, we can get it just with a few clicks. This shows the importance of digitizing the business, especially after the COVID 19 crisis. Though, just developing a simple website for your business is never enough. People are looking for something more than just a normal website. Gone are the days of building a website, now is the time for a web application.

However, it is essential that your web app idea is appropriate in order to achieve your targeted goals. Not only focus on the designing part of your web application, but seamless backend development is important.

A perfect web application idea must be a combination of functionalities and amazing designing elements. To make it more clear, let us first discuss what makes a difference between a great web application and an average one.

Difference Between a Good & Average Web Application Idea

Good vs Average App

Ideas are the emergence or we can call it a first step towards building your online business. Therefore, good business ideas’ success highly depends on having a good web app for the business.

A good web app is the heart of your business. Any compromise in it will lead to some major losses in your business. Therefore, building an average web app just for sake of showcasing an online platform is never worth it.

This shows that there is a huge difference between good and average web application. So, without wasting much time let’s proceed to some of the most enticing ad lucrative web app ideas that every beginner must know.

Top 20 Web App Development Notes for 2021

Web Application Major Points

1. Landing Page – Product

The product landing page is the core part of your platform. It decides whether a user is impressed with your product and web app or not. Highlight the important design elements of your product. This will help you to catch the customer’s attention.

With that, make it user friendly as much as possible. So that users will enjoy it and stay on your page for a longer time.

2. To-Do List

With the help of Javascript, you can let the users create a to-do list within your web application. You can do it easily with the interactive coding of javascript. Let your users easily update, delete, and add the to-do list.

If your business is relevant to it, then adding such a to-do list in your web app is worth it.

3. SEO Friendly Web App

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become an integral part of any online platform. To reach the targeted audience, developing a web app according to the SEO is quite important. Build a web app with SEO friendly tags and content.

This will let you reach your goals in less time and give great results. But don’t forget with an SEO friendly app, you should never compromise with the responsiveness of the website.

4. Javascript Drawing

This thought came into the picture with Infinite Rainbow on CodePen. It brings life to the elements with the help of Javascript. The best part of this tool is you can take the benefits of javascript drawing tools like Canviz, Raphael, oCanvas, etc.

All in all, with Javascript drawing you can bring life into the static pages, and make them dynamic. It gives a rich feel to your web application.

5. Tribute Page

Yes, it is a real thing for your web app. When you search a tribute page on google, you will find a comprehensive list of links available which lets you include a tribute page in your web app. A tribute page will showcase the values and vision of your business and products.

Users will find an emotional attachment with your business and product with these pages. Not only write up but also add some relevant information like links, images, and more.

6. Google Homepage Similarities

One of the most interesting Javascript projects available on the list. Here you can reassemble your web app with Google’s home page. In short, you can build a replica of Google’s page on your web app.

You need to build Google’s logo, image buttons, text box, search icons, and much more. You don’t need to give much effort to developing this page, it is quite simple and easy.

7. Exit Plugin

Whenever you’re visiting a website or a web page, you might have seen some tiny pop-ups coming in between the site and page or you’re about to exit the page. This popup lets the user stay on your page for more time, and will let them remember about your website. Therefore, design an exit plugin or widget for your web app.

8. Survey Form

Building a survey form for your online platform will help you know about the user experience and so on. You can even get the needed information about the users with such survey forms. We would suggest you design a fully-fledged survey form that includes details like name, age, birth date, citizenship, email address, and so forth.

Even let users ask for any queries they’re facing for the products or in user experience.

9. Social Share Buttons

Social media is booming the market. People are so much into it these days. In fact, social media has a lot more to do with your business too. It provides tons of benefits for your business and reaches your targeted audience.

Therefore, try to add the social media buttons in your web app, so that users can click on them and visit your business social media profiles.

10. AJAX-Style Login

The main aim of this web app development idea is to design a complete frontend with the AJAX style login. In this style, the login page will have no need to reload whether the entered information is correct or not.

Adding more to it, you can even create a mockup for valid and invalid login with AJAX-Style Login. Also, include some error messages for wrong input data.

11. Note Log

This one is similar to the to-do list idea. The main goal here is to build a note log wherein users can save their personal notes. Users can add notes based on the time, date, or anything of their choice. For every new note, a new entry will be tagged along with it.

Users can sort and filter the notes based on various search options. In a way, it works as an event reminder for your users.

12. With a Unique API – Giphy

Gifs are ruling over the users these days, so building a web application that contains Giphy API will help you a lot. With Giphy API, you do not need to do much, everything will be taken care of by the API.

The API comes with a search input, wherein the users can search for the specific APIs. It even displays the trending Gifs, making your online platform more interactive.

13. One-Page Layout

To make a pixel perfect design, it is essential that you create a website with a one-page responsive layout. This will let your website look perfect, and give a complete web application feel. Henceforth, with a single website, you can give two types of experience to your users.

The one-page layout will definitely impress your users and force them to stay on your online platform, ultimately increasing the ROI of your business.

14. Countdown Timer

One more simple but effective web application development idea is to include a clock or count down timer. All you need to do is create a code that keeps updating every second. Thus, users can set up their own countdowns and more.

To make your page more appealing, including the start, stop, and pause buttons.

15. Modal Pop-Ups

Modal Pop Ups

An idea that is similar to the social media thing. As soon as the user clicks on any button or link, pop-ups for the same will be displayed. These pop-ups will be based on promotions, email sign-ups, notifications, and so on.

But make sure that popups are designed in a way that it disappears in a single click. Above all, try to add different animations here.

16. Word Counter

If your web app is all about documentation and writing various articles and pieces of content, then word count must include. With these, users can seamlessly know about the word count of the content they’re writing.

It is a simple but attractive idea that gives an extra and effective tool to your users. We recommend going for it if you’ve got a similar business.

17. Address Book

With this idea, let users search for various entries in your address book. This can be done by applying the attributes filters that you’ve built or added. You can either build it from scratch or just use the APIs available based on your requirements.

Once any such data is received, you need to place it in your application, and the rest will be taken care of by the API. Design the application which can cache requests and store the data easily.

18. Search Engine Page Results

It is a super interesting and amazing project. You can create a search engine page that will integrate with Google’s search page to show the results. The only thing you need to take care of here is to at least display 10 results when a user searches for anything.

Also, never forget to add a navigation arrow at the end of the page. So, users can shift to the next page easily.

19. Quiz game

Quiz Game

Including quiz games, wherein you provide multiple choice answers for a question is a great idea. But to add such quiz games in your web app. You need some experienced developers who can work on such tasks without much effort.

You must get the desired results if you’re adding the quiz game thing in your web app. Otherwise, it will be a bad experience for users.

20. Fluidity across Platform

The first and most important thing to take while developing a web application. Compatibility among various devices for your web app is a must to provide a seamless experience. If your web app doesn’t perform well among all browsers, then brand identity will lose huge traffic which ultimately results in a loss in business.

So, that’s all about the best web application ideas for attracting users.

The Parting Thoughts

Now you know how to build the best web application for your business. Choose the points which are suitable for your online business platform, and add them to your business. All the ones mentioned here are simple and easy to build, therefore you don’t need to give many efforts for the same.

Your online platform will enhance and give a boost to your targeted audience in every possible way. We hope this article will be helpful to you and get your desired results.

FAQs For Web Application

Q1: What is the best way to build web applications?

A1: If you’re looking forward to building a lucrative and interesting web application, then go for any of the frameworks mentioned below.

  • Ruby on Rails
  • AngularJS
  • Ember
  • CakePHP
  • Phalcon
  • Zend

These are some of the best frameworks which will let you build the best web app on your terms.

Q2: What are web app examples?

A2: Some of the best web app examples you can have a look at are,

  • Gmail
  • Facebook
  • Udacity
  • Microsoft 365 and, so forth.

Q3: How long does it take to build a web app?

A3: Basically, the development time of a web app highly depends on your requirements and the software development company you hire. If your web app contains more features and complex then it may take a longer time. For an average web app, it takes around 4.5 months for complete development.