Online invoices are generated to simplify the manual processes of invoicing. Details of all transactions that take place are contained herein. Each and every one carrying out a business has provisions for invoicing and what better can it be than to use the online storage capacity to its maximum effect.

The main question that arises is what functionalities does this online invoicing help us perform?

Well, most of you must be having the idea that invoicing is just about billing transactions. This is not the case, though. It also takes care of your invoice tracking, late payments schedule, estimates and time tracking features that simplify the way you execute your business.

The next question that comes to the mind is which online invoicing application to go for that will provide a complete range of solutions.?

To find an answer to this, scroll down and you will get to know about 20 of the best online invoicing applications that will help you carry out your business diligently, without much fuss. Choose your pick…!

20 Best Online Invoicing Applications:

1. Invoicera


One of the best online invoicing applications we have ever come across. An online invoicing and billing app that approves of disciplined features performing various functions. These features enable you to share the project details with your clients from the initial stage to the delivery stage, steadily. Being multi-linguistic in its undertaking, this app also supports currency conversions so that the clients do not suffer. Added features like data protection, diversified payment methods, expense tracking features,  complete workflow management, and the best, synchronization with Google apps makes it stand apart from the rest.

Invoicera helps to automate your business processes and communication with features like expense tracking, client/vendor panels, comprehensive reporting, API access for 3rd party integration, staff permission, customized invoice templates, multi-companies, multi-language and currency support and more. You can easily reduce manual processes by automating your business processes. Understand the business better with useful reports and thorough analysis.

Invoicera Mobo App can easily be downloaded to your iPhone devices and Android Phones. This helps in enhanced visibility, better cost reduction and efficiency of operations. Monitor and track the invoices instantly to make payments anytime anywhere using more than 25+ payment gateways. Online invoicing software is the need of the time.

Being cost-effective is one of the most healthy features of this app as it does not make a hole in your pocket.

2. Blinksale

Blinksale-Best Online Invoicing Applications

Professionalism oozes out from every page of this application. Be it an email invoice or a payment page and receipt, Blinksale has solutions and creates a virtual paradise for the users. A thank-you note is also generated at the end when the client makes the payment. Be it an invoice or an estimate, each and every invoice generation is able to track its history. Reminders are sent, payments are recorded, comments are made, etc, together with on the spot details of your invoices.

3. Harvest

Getharvest-Best Online Invoicing Applications

This application fits the bill for clients who send late payments or are not that financially stable. The main feature that lends support to this app is that there is a presence of recurring pending invoice reminders that take care of late payments. Additional features like Team Status and Recent Tasks help you to bypass the pain of asking the team’s individual efforts and lets you keep a record too.

4. Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice-Best Online Invoicing Applications

This application is not only a smart and simple one but also offers the users a choice where they can customize the invoicing templates according to their wishlist. If you are in a hurry to submit your project in time, then this is the application to suit you. You can create new estimates and invoices by simply creating clones of similar ones. This is time-saving and you do not have to start afresh. A single click does the trick and helps you follow and keep track of your expenses. Easy currency conversions help you further. Outlook Express and Zoho CRM can be easily accessed and the client’s data can be monitored with their help.

5. Freshbooks

Freshbooks-Best Online Invoicing Applications

An automatic payment reminder, present in this app, helps you manage your clients in a neat fashion. Using Google Chrome for this app will open a plethora of Freshbooks apps and extensions which are great and convenient to use. The app accepts almost all currencies and the online transactions are fast.

6. CurdBee

Curdbee-Best Online Invoicing Applications

Easy and on the run solutions are provided by this app which gives a break from the chaotic business bills. Intimidating features like estimation, recurring invoice generation on a single-click, time tracking are all present in a neat and disciplined manner. Project-wise breakdown of all the expensive hours put-in can be sliced down in this app.

7. Xero

Xero-Best Online Invoicing Applications

Connectivity plays an important role, here. You can exchange and share your business numbers within your team and accountants for faster results. On the run, connectivity is also provided. Features galore are present, which help you do invoice, better and faster. The Bank Feeds feature automatically imports and categorizes your different transactions that take place under credit card and PayPal accounts. You can easily connect with the customers and manage your cash flow. Bill payments and sending of invoices can be scheduled automatically. Additional features such as CRM, inventory, timesheets, and job management help you all over.

8. The Invoice Machine

InvoiceMachine-Best Online Invoicing Applications

This application is a smart contender that can invoice, generate recurring bills and manage projects and items. The drawback is that support for the queries is not adequate and there are few customization options.

9. Ronin

RoninApp-Best Online Invoicing Applications

A perfect example of an online application that caters to both large scale as well as small scale business firms. Easy login facilities for the clients by themselves or emailing their invoices is an extra option available here.

10. Invoice2Go

Invoive2Go-Best Online Invoicing Applications

Going along the bandwagon of being mobile, this App can be used from every gadget, available. Be it a mobile, tablet, desktop or laptop, this one is easy to use and can also be customized. More than 300 professional invoice templates are present at your disposal, which can be selected and customized with your business logo, easily. Sending invoices and tracking payments is further eased with the use of cloud technology. Invoice2Go has all the integrations made within so that you don’t need to copy the invoices to different devices again. After raising an invoice, this App gives you an option to fill the payment details. This helps you track the unpaid ones and can then send them reminders.

11. Sage Billing Boss

Sage-Billing-Boss-Best Online Invoicing Applications

Having a tough time with the clustered interface of your present invoicing application.? Want to change your fortunes with a new and simple one? Sage Billing Boss is your cup of tea. Creating and sending your first invoice was never so easy and is just a few clicks away. Additional features like recurring invoicing, quotes, online tracking of payments, etc, helps you perform faster and better. It has an inbuilt 256 bit AES encrypted data transmission process that eases your nerves.

12. Smart Invoice

SmartInvoice-Best Online Invoicing Applications

The feature that makes its inclusion in this list, is the presence of a simple to use the estimate to invoice conversion platform. Additional features such as time tracking, support for attachments, and iPhone applications is also present. Connection with Outlook and vCards enables easy contact imports. The subscription packages come with unlimited invoice creation. The drawback of this application is that limited online support is offered together with the absence of an inventory module.

13. Swaipp

Siwapp-Best Online Invoicing Applications

Looking for an easy and hassle free environment to work with? Well, this application is at your disposal. Being an open source web app, managing and creating online invoices is just so easy. Editing, searching, and the listing of invoices are easy, as it takes place on the dashboard in a slap-up quotient. The highlight of this app is that it can generate automated invoices periodically with an uncommon serial number each time. The professionalism lies in the PDF invoice feature that is printable.

14. Invoiceable

 Invoiceable-Best Online Invoicing Applications

Small business enterprises and freelancers can benefit from this free online application. Its association with Paypal offers basic features for online invoicing.

15. InvoiceMore

invoice more

An all-around invoicing software for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businesses, this application works well with PayPal and The dashboard and the modules are easy to use and are arranged in order. Support documentation and template options are lacking in this application.

16. QuickBooks Online Simple Smart

quickbooks online simple start

One of the most recognized brands that are present for small business accounting. Mobile solutions are also offered to satisfy the client’s needs. Extra features like the ability to print checks, track vendors are also present which can be hardly seen in the other applications. Powerful upgrades are present that bring the world of accounting at your fingertips. But, it does lack some basic features like recurring billing and conversion of estimates which are a drawback.

17. Invoices Made Easy

invoies made easy

Effortless invoicing is the mantra of this application. A novice can also use it to create an invoice or estimate. Features like the ability to mail invoices using normal mail and the capacity to store items make it useful. The major drawback of this application is that there is no time tracking or expense billing present. Also, an absence of support for multiple tax scenarios and multiple currencies is not an option available. All these don’t make it a favorable software to use.

18. Greenerbilling

greener billing

Managing invoices and estimates is simple with this application as the user interface is neat and user-friendly. Features galore are present like accepting payments through PayPal, automatic scheduling of invoices, cloning of invoices from similar ones, creating PDFs which can be downloaded for data sheets, estimates, managing client profiles and also constant customer support.

19. EasyBill


Being a product of SimplifyThis, this application has simple features incorporated within. Customer-specific pricing, time tracking, apps for Android and iPhone, etc, are present in this application.

20. Ballpark


Though the rankings are not that good for this software, it does have some unique features up its sleeve. Collaboration tools for the creation of estimates and invoices are present that will support multiple team members. Unlimited contacts and estimates together with a PayPal integration are present with a variety of plan options.

The above compilation spoils you for choice when it comes to choosing one online invoice application to help you out with all your billing and other needs. Online invoicing is here to stay…. Just check it out to experience the change in your performance.