TikTok is a famous video-sharing social media platform. It is known for short-form clips with amusing lip-syncing videos. The platform is particularly prominent among teenagers and has a higher range of about 200 million monthly Android and iOS users.

During the past three years, an app has been developing worldwide under the radar of older users on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. TikTok has originally launched our life as a music video app. It has developed to a higher following of other 300 million users.

Are your business entrepreneurs, influencers, or brand owners? Then you can’t overlook these TikTok application’s frequency, specifically for the Gen Z user community, a demographic that is notably tougher to break into the market.

Like any other social media platform, TikTok has revealed strong growth using visibility and a higher engagement rate. The main key factor for significant TikTok brand awareness and marketing helps to boost popularity.

This post will talk about the motivating 20 perfect ideas for popular types of TikTok video content that can improve your followers count.

Before we enter into the main topic here are some stats and facts about TikTok that will help you to improve your online campaign.

  • TikTok was the most downloaded mobile app in the world.
  • More than 40% of TikTok users are between the age group of 16 to 24 years.
  • On average, the user spends 38 to 55 minutes per day.
  • 55.6% of TikTok users are male and 44.4% of TikTok users are female.
  • TikTok is now available in 75 languages in 150 markets.
  • The mobile app TikTok has been downloaded more than 1.5 billion times across the world.
  • More than 14 million educational videos were shared on the platform in the last year.

20 Ultimate TikTok Video Content Ideas That Can Increase Your Real Followers

1. Make Social Media Challenges

TikTok Challenges can be hilarious and amusing. When you craft a challenge on your TikTok videos, people also share videos among their friends to complete such a challenge. It makes your video reach viral and again turns very famous among the people. These challenges can cross-promote on platforms.

Moreover, working on the part of these trendy TikTok challenges will surely improve your popularity. Always be reminded that your video clip for these challenges should be unique from other people.

Some of the famous challenges on TikTok include drinking tea while holding it with chest challenge, Superstar Mix Dance challenge, and Dream feet dance challenge. Also, US senator, Elizabeth Warren, making the “Flip the Switch” challenge.

You may even find your video being on the recommended watch list. Remember that your clip for these challenges should be very different from other people.

2. Start With Effective Trending Hashtags

Hashtags are other faster methods for immediate results that receive more views on your TikTok videos. The users can search for trending topics on TikTok by hashtags and make videos from the same theme content.

Moreover, hashtags are a worthy concept of TikTok, where you need to be assured that you are making use of apt hashtags for your content. Also, obtaining more TikTok followers will help you to get immersive growth and it makes your videos more authentic and valuable.

3. Attractive Dance Videos

TikTok covers dance videos. In the platform, creators are using their dancing skills and frequently invite other people to make their dance performances.

Are you highly talented at dancing? Then, the TikTok platform positively helps you to gain massive followers and quickly go viral on TikTok.

4. Start With Live Videos

TikTok gives away the chance to start streaming live videos for your audience. You could try to collaborate your live video videos with the blending of video content, which allows you to connect with your audience in real-time. If you’re a marketer looking to grab attention, live streaming is one of the excellent ideas.

Live videos on TikTok works to be popular as Facebook or Instagram, which have massive capable results that you can benefit from reaching a broader audience.

5. Cute Imitations of Songs

Looking adorable and charming is part of TikTok viral videos. You need to enact the song by lip-syncing or even by recreating from the original video by making imaginative twists to the videos.

The best example of duo girls’ lip-syncing videos of famous songs is the best-shot method to receive more followers on TikTok.

Some of the techniques to attract the audience by imitating adorable songs. Along with reactions either with your whole body, dance moves, eyes, and hands.

These songs will go trending number one on TikTok, which will be the most popular by merely doing these imitations. Also, be first to attract Gen Z audiences so that you get captivated as soon as possible.

6. Start With Dialogue Reenacts

Including the previous points, lip-syncing TikTok videos can be craftable for a popularized movie dialogue. The most successful take on the comedic scene and enact the dialogue amusingly. TikTok videos of dialogue can be either movie scenes and random conversation.

You can perform alone or prompt your friends to collaborate with you. Take a dialogue and enact the most exciting methods to gain followers.

Suppose you are skilled in reciting good dialogues. In that case, you can make exciting videos on TikTok as people like the videos with emotions and reactions that are very prominent on TikTok.

7. Adorable Animal Videos

Users admire watching charming animal videos. If you craft TikTok videos using some funny animals. Then the videos are liked by many people to attract the attention of the audience. Hence, that person likes several more pets to look at.

8. Create Art

It is one of every artist out there who needs to display their skills on TikTok. Simply record a video of yourself building a piece of art, improved speed, and then post the video.

It works for every variety of arts, DIY, and crafts projects, where you can even record your families or friends if they are imaginative ones.

9. Answer Queries by Posting

It is a brand new trending feature on TikTok. If you prompt a question by displaying, users get more charmed by your videos, increasing the engagement rate.TikTok begins promoting your reply video by posting a famous song’s cover photo. Hence your videos reach more and more audiences and become viral. It’s always definite to ask questions on your videos.

10. Funny Amusing TikTok Videos

It is the concept that can best be mentioned as an emotion. These sort of video clips of TikTok makes the people have a perfect sense of satisfaction. It can be a video clip about an excellent piece of cake; it can be a square title suitable for a square space.

Everything comes within precise and neat sorter order. These kinds of videos are oddly satisfying, and you can create them relatively more straightforward. The hidden secret is to receive the facts in ideal efficiency.

11. Videos of Cutting Fruits

In this sort of video, the creators cut their vegetables or fruits in a creative method. These videos work on two levels. Initially, they teach tricks to people who can look at videos to study things. Secondly, these are mundanely satisfying and good to check at.

12. Start A Voiceover

TikTok has a new trend of voiceover feature that allows the users to take any video and comment on it. Hence, several chances of using the feature start experimenting with this, explain stories, create amusing commentaries, or anything else that you wish to make.

13. Transforming Videos

These TikTok videos work based on their name; it reveals the makeover. If it is a hairstyle, makeup, wardrobe change, or something organized style. A recent trend on TikTok is the theme that videos consist of using beauty filter mode. These videos showcase people who are fashioned with untidy, and they tap on the beauty mode and change into a perfect look.

Several TikTok fashion influencers have created a makeover video comprising this beauty mode effectively.

14. Work On Harmless Stunt Actions

Always practice out on a fully secured and non-hurtful stunt to work out, and you participate without harming yourself. Ever suggested that you are not performing anything dangerous.

Try not to take any risk that worsens your health and safety, be sure to practice stunts with safety measures, and you really shouldn’t be hurt anyways by performance. It also needs to look attractive for the camera, where it grabs all the followers’ eyes that gains much attention.

15. Educate Your Followers With Tutorials

Tutorial videos are very famous on every social media platform, also in TikTok. Anyhow, provided the short-form videos of TikTok; tutorials are less informative and mostly give self-explanation.

TikTok tutorials that you can make a faster tutorial displaying all the steps of methods without responding. You can anyways fast forward the entire video clip to suit the tutorial within the perfect time.

Best examples of Beauty posts explain a makeup tutorial on TikTok, really comprising one of their products.

16. Make Your Workout Videos

Like dance videos and tutorials, you have a chance to post up your workout videos that are more famous on every social media platform. Users love to motivate the most favorite social media influencers and start their workout practices.

Even though you are not working in the fitness industry or being health conscious, you can post your workout practice exercise to grab more followers for your account.

17. Cooking Videos for Food

If you are interested in cooking and most often you do it at your home, you can use the TikTok platform by cooking your dishes. Moreover, it is not suitable to suit an incomplete cooking video within seconds, yet it’s undoubtedly feasible to make it look attractive.

18. Videos of Freeze Frames

Videos became prominent after TikTok started its freeze-frame filters. You can make use of this filter as a background for your video. The outcome is entirely fascinating and amusing videos.

19. Videos of Routine Life

You can become a great celebrity by posting your regular life videos on TikTok that grabs more people’s attention. Get inspired by the common factors in your life and look more attractive in your TikTok videos.

Here’s the best example of a Gen Z mom who has tremendous success on the TikTok account, where she posts about her daily routine, kids, husband, and anything else from her life.

20. Experiment with Your Science Activities

Do you know those science experiments that you conduct as a school kid? Yes! You can work out by truing those again, and this time you can record and post them on your TikTok and look if you can receive more views for your content.

Moreover, science experiments videos are amusing to watch, informative, and mostly seem to be like magic tricks to those unaware of its concepts.


TikTok is undoubtedly a powerful platform to show your creative talents. It provides several video features to create your videos in a different style. If you want to increase your follower count, you can use these TikTok video content ideas to become a famous person within a short time.

So, you can use the TikTok platform to create engaging and trending content that will increase your follower’s count as well as boost engagement.

Thanks for reading this article!