Apps are not just time wasting or money consuming; in fact using the right app can help you save a lot of money. Today, we have all kinds of apps for all kinds of categories. Following are 20 apps that will help manage your finances better.



This app allows you to share text messages, share photographs and videos, make voice and video calls only by the access of wifi. You don’t need to pay for the app, it’s absolutely free and is used by people all over the globe.

  1. SYKPE

Skype is one of the most used app for video calling friends who stay abroad or in another state. It is free, one just has to make an account on the app and they’re all set.


This app helps you find the right contact for all the things you need. May it be electrician or a mobile repair shop, hotels or air tickets, these apps has it all.



Shopkick is used by people to browse products of different brands all at once, which allows the user to compare the different prices. Users earn point when they make purchases through shopkick, later these points help them get more discount on the prices of the products.


Ibotta allows shoppers to earn real money for shopping. Start by perusing the different offers in the product gallery and choose the ones you’re interested in. Every time you compete a “task” (like sharing on Facebook, taking a poll, or watching a video), pending cash is added to your account that can be accessed once you actually purchase the product from one of the 50 retailers partnered with Ibotta. 


This app can also be called “Market of Coupons”. It has coupons of almost every brand. Just save the coupons on your phone and saw it in the shop, that’s all.


Like retail me not, Snipsnap is coupon haven but unlike it this app allows you to take pictures of printed coupon and turn them into digital, mobile ready ones.



This international app allows you to find incredibly low prices on last-minute hotel bookings. Hotel Tonight is constantly adding new locations and has stellar 24/7 customer support to keep their customers happy.


Not only does Compare Bookings let you search for hotel options wherever you are, but you can compare deals from all the best travel sites to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. 


An app to book hotels, flight tickets, bus, etc, all at cheapest prices. There are great number of travel packages that hep customer plan their trip according to their budget.


You can save some serious cash on airfare with this app. By predicting the future price of flights and telling you the best time to purchase your tickets, Hopper can save you up to 40% on airline tickets.


Need a virtual travel guide? Tell this app where you are going, what you like to do, and how much you have to spend, and it will help you create a trip itinerary. It even takes weather and various attractions into consideration. 


  1. MINT

The “Beyoncé” of personal finance apps; this little powerhouse allows you to keep track of all your financial activity from all your accounts: checking, savings, and retirement. Every transaction is automatically recorded and categorized. Mint makes note of your spending patterns and creates a budget. Additionally, on the iPad, it generates graphs to give you visual representations of your net worth and cash flow.  For those worried about security, the app is password protected and there is a way to deactivate access from your phone through the Mint website. It is a fantastic way to keep tabs on your overall financial health and be able to spot potential problems.


Never miss a bill payment again with this great app from SnapTap. Pass code-protected BillTracker allows you to keep all due dates and amount totals in one place and even gives you notifications for impending payments. Due dates are highlighted on the calendar for quick views.

  1. PAYTM

Paytm offers discounts on recharges and bill payments. Also you get cash backs on certain transactions along with exciting coupons for movies, food, games, etc.


This app is an online market for shopping. It has almost all variety of products of all brands with different prices that help users save their money by buying the preferred cheap alternative.



 Use this app to find Amazon-level deals on the go. What’s great about Amazon Local is that you can search for deals and buy them instantly right from your phone. You are also able to set specific preferences or favourites so that the application knows what offerings you are most interested in purchasing. Like the other discount apps mentioned, there is no need to print out coupons or vouchers.


You can enjoy purchasing groceries using Godrej Nature’s Basket mobile phone app. Godrej Nature’s Basket is the retail venture of Godrej Group and is India’s foremost retail shop that sells some of the finest foods from across the world. An online platform that provides highest level of service to the online grocery shoppers. You can select delivery times of your choice while ordering groceries with them and it would be delivered as per the choice of the customers.


With the BigBasket smartphone application, you can save yourself the drudgery of regular grocery shopping. No more waiting in queues to pay bills, no more parking problems, and no more getting stuck in traffic jams. Simply place an order with BigBasket and get all your groceries delivered to you.


There are more than 14,000 products available with Grofer, which is slowly turning into one of India’s premier online convenience store that revolutionizes your grocery shopping experience. As the name speaks, the prices of groceries are local and quite cheap but they provide finest products of good quality.