In this rapidly evolving marketplace, it is very critical for businesses to provide high-quality user-experience to customers. Therefore, every business owner is considering .net application development to secure applications that can cater to the needs of modern customers. However, in the heap of companies, it is hard for businesses to pick the most reliable partner that can understand their customer needs and create a system with unique features and UX.

I am sure that the search for the best .net development company would bring you on this blog. However, you need to understand that there is no dearth of companies that promise the best results and great application at most cost-effective prices, but only some get on their words. While partnering with a company, you need to gauge how reliable and capable are their developers.

Hire Best Team Of Developers To Secure Great Application

The team of developers and their expertise can only help you secure a successful application. Expect this, you have to look into several factors before hiring a company. However, there are some companies in the market that have been recognized for credibility and quality application development. Here I am enlisting 10 top .NET development companies that can help you bring your dream project into reality. So, take a glimpse.

1. ValueCoders

Being one of the most trusted .net development companies in India and the USA, ValueCoders is excelling and catering best application creation services to its huge clientele. After its inception in 2004, it is delivering cost-effective services to its clients.

They have a team of more than 450 developers having expertise in different programming languages and tools. The company has won numerous awards and it is a significant part of NASSCOM.

ValueCoders ASP.NET Development Company

Being a prestigious CMMI Company, it delivers unique solutions to businesses by contemplating their customer needs. ValueCoders has a satisfied clientele of more than 2500 customers and it is still counting. With higher customer retention rates, the company is expanding in various digital areas.

ValueCoders has gained global recognition and clients can rely on them for securing high-quality applications. Moreover, it provides 100% money-back in case of client dissatisfaction. So, if you are thinking out loud to hire this company, you don’t need to worry about your money.

2. Willow Tree

It is a US-based software development company having excellence and expertise in IT outsourcing. With a workforce of more than 300 developers, designers, and testers, it is providing applications with rich user experience.

Willow Tree .net Development Company

Its core services include product design, app development, web development, mobile strategy, and prototyping. Its major clientele includes Wyndham Hotels, University of Virginia, GE, Regal Cinemas, and many more. The company is well-known for providing the best applications.

3. KeyIdeas Infotech

The company is excelling in web and .net development services for more than 10 years and has delivered 2000 successful projects. Its clientele includes 1200+ satisfied customers. It is a CMMI level 3 dev company and ensures to provide higher quality services to its clients.


KeyIdeas .Net Developers

It began in 2007 and has 50+ different technology experts. It is providing a comprehensive range of services to clients all across the world. key ideas offer end-to-end application solutions while considering each and every requirement of its clients.

4. Intellect Soft

IntellectSoft is a US-based IT service provider company, founded in 2007. It is one of the most reputed and trusted software companies, indulged in providing quality software and web solutions. The company is the highest-rated B2B service provider in Eastern Europe.


Its humongous clientele includes some of the biggest global brands such as Harkey Davidson, London Stock Exchange, Nestle, and more. Backed with a workforce of 200+ employees, the company is maintaining a rich portfolio with magnificent projects. It offers a wide range of mobile and web application development services including Product Design and QA.

5. PixelCrayons

The company has gained a great reputation in the IT market. Since its inception in 2004, it is engaged in developing a diverse range of web applications with the help of its team of innovative and expert developers and designers.


It has served more than 4800 clients across 38 countries. PixelCrayons has years of experience and a team of developers who are proficient in the latest technologies such as Ruby, Python, and more.

6. ProfitByOutsourcing

It is a well-known software outsourcing company founded in 2000. It offers a wide range of web and app development services in USA, Europe, Australia, and Asia. The company has won the title of Red Herring 2012.


Its main focus is to boost innovation in the area of application development and deliver cutting-edge solutions to businesses. The company has a huge workforce with expertise in all major technologies like PHP MVC, Microsoft .NET, JavaScript frameworks, and more.

7. eLuminous Technologies

This company is Nashik, India based and holds more than 16 years of excellence in the area of web development using technologies like .NET, Java, PHP, and more. It provides a wide range of services and ensures to cater the best quality experience to its clients.

eLuminous Technologies

It has delivered around 3,695 web apps successfully with the help of more than 100 web developers. With its intuitive and innovative team of developers, the company is dedicated to delivering unique web solutions.

8. Volare Systems

It is one of the most prominent .NET development service provider companies. Volare systems were founded in 2009 and it is located in Denver, Colorado. It is basically a U.S based company with a team of highly experienced developers.


The company believes in catering best quality experience and strives to bring innovation into reality. It is exploring each and every technology vertical and delivering a wide range of services including mobile apps, web apps, and more.

9. Clarion Technologies

Being one of the most trusted software companies, Clarion Technologies is delivering incredible applications to its clients. It has more than 15 years of excellence in web development. The most appreciated attribute of the company is that it believes in nurturing its team to provide to outsourcing requirements of the clients.

Clarion Technologies .Net Development Company

Its employees provide the best quality support and create applications with eloquent user-experience and unique features. It provides a wide range of services including web applications, CMS, Cloud, Mobility, software testing, and more.

10. Zymr

It was founded in 2012, this California based company has a team of deft developers. Its other offices are located in India, Finland, and Europe. With more than 5 years of experience, it deals with diverse projects including mobile and web applications. Its clientele includes top-notch brands such as Cisco and Vodafone.


With a team of more than 250 developers designers and tester, it is catering to great customer experience and high grade .NET Applications. Besides, it uses the best tools for .NET development.

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Final Text

Surely, now you would have contemplated who is leading the .net development in the market. You can pick one of these companies or find the best as per your requirement. However, you need to ensure to perform a detailed analysis while considering various facts such as expertise of developers, experience, the type of payment. So, choose the best .Net development company and get your dream application developed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1- What is .NET, a language or framework?

A1- .NET is a framework that can work with several programming languages such as C# and VB.NET.

Q2- Is .NET used for frontend or backend?

A2- It comprises the frontend and backend, both. VB.NET and C# are used for frontend while ASP.NET can be used for backend.

Q3- What types of applications can we develop using .Net?

A3- .Net is used for a range of applications including Web, Mobile, Windows-based, and IoT.

Q4- What are the examples of .NET applications?

A4- Following are the examples of ASP.NET Applications:

  • Windows services applications
  • Windows GUI applications or Windows Forms
  • Accounting applications
  • Product or inventory applications
  • Websites
  • Applications for mobiles
  • Console based applications, etc.

Q5- What are the benefits of the .NET framework for business application development?

A5- .NET is an open-source platform by Microsoft, ideal for building different types of applications. It offers various advantages for business application development, such as:

  • With less coding and reusable code, it is cost-efficient.
  • Rapid development
  • Easier deployment
  • Highly reliable
  • Enhanced application security