When we talk about social media sites, then facebook, twitter, pinterest, quora, google plus and instagram are the tools that come to our minds first.

And for any startup businesses these social sites are truly treasure trove of new opportunities.

According to statistics, instagram has got 400 million monthly active users.

Instagram effects are very impressive and it plays the role of brand ambassador for any business. Without any doubt, it is one of the best photo-sharing social networks. This is one of the reason why businesses are eager to include it in their social media marketing plan.

It is a great way to market your business and helps you to connect with new and old customers. There are a number of tools that we can use to improve our visual out-reach.

Here we have the following ten incredible tools to manage instagram accounts and engage with their followers. The tools for marketing are as follows:

  1. Layout: This tool is owned by instagram and it is a collage making app, and among all the tools it’s the easiest to use. It allows us to add 2 to 9 photos into one collage. It also contains come other creative features like, flipping, resizing etc we can do these by only following a few simple steps. You can use this tool for your business in many ways – like you can make a collage of several pictures of the things you want to sell.
  1. Repost:This tool allows you to repost the pictures and posts that you liked. With this tool, you can also search for the users who have the maximun number of reposts as well as find the tags that match with your brand. You can repost your favourite picture by clicking on the image and it will repost the image with credit to the creator.
  1. Crowdfire:Crowdfire is a great app that allows the users to handle their followers. Find your unfollowers, followers, inactive users, admirers etc by using this tool. It will also let you organize your existing followers and increase your reach to the people who will show interest towards your product and will like it.
  1. Hootsuite( Scheduling):This amazing tool will allow you to post your pictures at your chosen interval, it schedules your posts and also increses the work collaboration, this tool will provide you with everything you will need to use social media by coverting the inconvenience into a blessing.
  1. Latergram.MeIt is a tool for setting a particular time for your posts, so that they are available to the audience at the right time in future and when the time expires, the tool will remind you for the approval.
  1. Websta:With this tool, you can use your instagam directly from your computer. This tool also provides you with a variety of information and enables you to get important datas that includes, likes, comments and shares. It also allows you to formulate your posts according to your own preferences.
  1. Social insights:This tool is very useful as it lets you know the details of your instagram profile, and it can also makes things easier for you. It will also provides you with critical information about the progress of your instagram marketing, such as click through rates etc.
  1. Hyperlaspe:This tool is owned by instagram and it creates pretty good time lapse movies. You can capture videos, choose your timings between 2 to 12 mins and the program will do the rest for you.
  1. ScheduleGram:Basically it is a web-based tool that lets you to publish your Instagram photos and videos now or later. It is little different from rest of the photo-scheduling tools, ScheduleGram actually posts the photos to Instagram for you. Instead of reminding you to do so. It has basic photo-editing features like cropping, adding filters, text and etc. It also allows you to post multiple pictures at a time. And this tool is time saver as well.
  1. Flipagram:It allows you to take a series of photos and put them together to create a quick slideshow video for instagram. Generally it is called photo video stories. These type of instagram posts are a time saver and easy way for the followers to see the products. And actually its better than going through photos manually.By these 10 marketing tools you can take your social media marketing to the next level.