Photo Spheres were presented in Android 4.2, but we actually don’t perceive adequate of these exclusive, 360-degree pictures on the Web. A rapid search for #photosphere on Google+ discloses a stable stream of uploads, but the volume diminishes in evaluation to the overflow of square-crop, filter-friendly Instagram photos shared to Facebook and Twitter.

Google announced a community website called Views in July to offer Android photographers a new home to share their Photo Spheres. The service is knotted to Google Maps and also streamlines inserting these shots on new websites.

Now that the service is in full swing, there are some remarkable, frequent times magnificent photos accessible on the platform. We are presenting a shortlist of our favorites to demonstrate why we should all make Photo Spheres more frequently.

Joffre Creek at the Karijini-National Park, Australia

Itsukushima, Japan


Machu Picchu, Peru

Tofo Beach, Mozambique

Sanja Festival in Tokyo, Japan

Frozen waterfall at Athabasca Falls, Canada

Shinjuku skyline, Tokyo, Japan

Azadi Tower in Tehran, Iran

Great Barrier Reef, Australia