The world of apps is ever evolving. Nowadays there is really an app for almost everything. The numerous android apps on Google play can get your brain spinning. As a digital enthusiast, I have been closely looking at the free android apps for various arenas. In this article I will share 10 amazing free android apps that are not just free; but are also very helpful and easy to use. Here we go –


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  1. ShieldMyTeen: As the name suggests, this is a parental control app that allows parents to keep a tab on their teens with ease. At this age, kids are enthusiastic and easily excitable. To keep check on things, parents can just install this parental control app on their children’s phone, and then they will be able block several search keywords such as porn, gambling, drugs, alcohol, etc. This will help prevent addictions that most of the teens fall victim to, nowadays. The best part of this app is that you only need to purchase it once as it can be used to create multiple accounts.

  2. Google Translate: Truly the most advanced translator apps of our times. Now break the language barrier and converse naturally in over 70 languages. The best part is that you can even save your translations and access from any device. It accepts input via text, handwritten words and spoken words and then provides the translation in the form of text and can also speak it for you.

  3. Money Tracker: If you are a kind of person who likes to keep a track of all your expenses then this is an app for you. It tracks your incoming and outgoing cash flows. It has a very simplistic interface that helps you easily manage your wallet and guides you where you can make savings in the future.

  4. Houzz Interior Design Ideas: Popularly known as the ‘Wikipedia of internal and external designs’, by CNN, it hosts the largest database of over 2,000,000 home design photos. The latest update of the app offers world class designs and is very useful and highly essential.

  5. Met Office Weather Application: The Met Office provides accurate and timely weather warnings and forecasts. It also offers map based predictions of advanced weather systems. It provides simple visuals which can be shared with friends and family on social media.

  6. Dropbox: Dropbox continues to be one of the most liked android apps. As a free service it offers 2GB of online storage which is automatically synced whenever someone logs in from any of the device. A very useful app for sharing files and folders.

  7. BBC Cbeebies Playtime: Finally a fun app for you and your little ones. Playtime is filled with hidden surprises and fun features to delight and entertain your children. Playtime is unlike other gaming apps, and offers ad free educational games for kids.

  8. Peppa’s Painbox: Yet another wonderful app for children. It’s a drawing application that comes with traditional tools and some lovely surprises. Just like Ceebies, the app is designed purely for fun and will not annoy you with unwanted ads, links or in-game purchases.

  9. Pocket: Ever came across an immensely interesting article online that could not be read due to your packed schedule? This absolutely must have app lets you save webpages for off-line reading. You can continue reading in your free time and even share the links on social media.

  10. Feedly: Similar to the erstwhile Google Reader, Feedly is an aggregation of your favourite news and articles in one place. It acts as an ever updating magazine and shares the latest stories from the net. The app inherently acts as a browser with all redirects happening within the app itself saving the hassles of multiple browsers. This adaptive app intelligently recommends posts based on the user’s reading and sharing pattern.