A web-browser is an essential desktop application which everyone needs. It is responsible for sending and retrieving information which is held on the Internet. There are many web-browsers available for Linux but the most widely-used browser on Linux is Mozilla Firefox. But that doesn’t mean that being the most-popular; Moreover, as in the time of worldwide ransomware attack people are switching to Linux very quickly, here are 10 Best Web Browsers For Linux

1. Firefox 10 Best Web Browsers For Linux ransomware


Firefox is a graphical web browser owned by Mozilla Corporation. It is one of the most widely used Linux browser which is continuously taking away the browsing market share from IE. Many software standards are supported by Firefox, which includes, MathM, PNG images with alpha transparency, DOM, DTD HTML, XML, XHTML, CSS, XPathXSLT, and ECMAScript (JavaScript).

2. Chrome 10 Best Web Browsers For Linux ransomware

Techieapps- Chrome-For-Linux

Chrome is an open-source web browser which has been developed by Google in order to provide users a faster and secure way to experience the web. It opens the web pages at very fast speed and its design provides Internet users a room to visit their desired web pages easily.

3. Opera 10 Best Web Browsers For Linux ransomware


Opera is one of the best graphical browsers available which enable users to browse websites, chat online, read news-feeds, send and receive emails.

4. Dillo 10 Best Web Browsers For Linux ransomware


Dillo is an alternative to multi-platform web browsers which is developer-friendly, stable, fast, secure and user-friendly. It is predominantly envisioned for slower or older systems.

5. Konqueror 10 Best Web Browsers For Linux ransomware

Konqueror is also an open-source browser having HTML4.1 compliance, CSS1, CSS2.1, Netscape Plugins, JavaScript and Java Applets.

6. Epiphany 10 Best Web Browsers For Linransomwareux 


Epiphany is a modest however influential GNOME web browser. It employs the simplest interface conceivable for a web browser. You should keep in mind that simple does not essentially mean less authoritative.

7. Flock 10 Best Web Browsers For Linux ransomware


Flock is a web-browser developed using Mozilla Firefox open-source browser with which users can share texts, exchange photographs, videos with their friends’ across the whole Internet with supreme speed.

8. Arora 10 Best Web Browsers For Linux ransomware


Arora is a cross-platform web browser which is in highly-development phase and features NetScape plugins, fast interpretation, WebInspector and potent search engine.

9. Elinks 10 Best Web Browsers For Linux ransomware


ELinks is a progressive and well-established feature-rich text mode browser with an objective to offer fast browsing having the power of Konqueror and Firefox and it is bigger than w3m and Lynx.

10. Lynx 10 Best Web Browsers For Linuxransomware


Lynx is a fully-featured browser for users on VMS, UNIX and other major platforms. It shows HTML documents comprising of links to files on the local system along with the files available on remote systems running cso/ph/qi servers, wais, finger, gopher, http, or nntp, and services reachable through logins to telnet.