Android is an inseparable part of every man’s life. The handy Android device consists of almost everything right from documents, files, presentations, and emails; preserving all of there is also an important task.

The below 10 task-managing apps will help you to systematically manage all your tasks for the smooth functioning of your Android devices. Help yourself with these intuitive featured task-managing apps for those who love downloading new apps or games every day.

The undesired background app running unnecessarily may consume all the battery of your Android phone or tablet. It becomes important to kill or uninstall the apps that are not needed or used by the individual.

Clean your Android device at regular intervals using these below 10 efficient task management apps so that your phone works swiftly.

10 Task Manager Apps to Manage all Tasks on your Android Device

1. Advanced Task Killer

The task managing app is the most downloaded managing app and is one of the best-advanced task killer apps that facilitate features like Task Manager, Speed Booster, Battery saver, and much more. This app helps over 70 million Android users and is used to kill applications and boost memory.

It was used widely but due to some reasons, it stopped receiving updates in 2016, now it is the most up-to-date app that maintains your device. Download the free app or purchase it for $4.99.

2. Advanced Task Manager

This popular management app is more like a phone booster. It works on Nougat and is used to kill apps and games, clear background apps, clearing RAM. The ignore list allows the user to run those apps that you don’t want to close.

It also works with the newer versions of Android and remains the best app for the older versions. Download it for free or purchase it for $2.99.

3. ES Task Manager

The free management app is developed by ES File Explorer. The best part about this app is that it is one of the few task managers that comprise a material design.

This task manager performs functions like saving battery life, releasing memory, uninstalling unrequired apps, Speeding up your device, and also providing the phone’s information.

It includes all the basic features of a task manager and is user-friendly. Try the intuitive features offered by the app. Click on the download link to acquire the app.

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4. Smart Task Manager

Smart Task Manager was earlier known as ‘Android Task Manager. The developers were charged for using Android in their name. Its work is similar to any other traditional task management app. Smart Task Manager enables the user to auto-end tasks, whitelist the apps that need not be closed, and shake your device to clear tasks.

Almost all people use applications for cameras and music. Store them in smartphones, requiring more space. In the Apps category, you can use fildo app to store more music tracks and avoids using more data while storing different music tracks on a regular basis. Take a backup to restore your phone, and also get all up-to-date app information. Purchase the app for $2.49.

5. SystemPanel 2

This task management app is popular as well as efficient. It caters to the user with detailed information about the apps used during the day.

Get to know all about the active apps, app CPU usage, disabling app services, and much more. It works on Android Nougat and allows one to take a backup of some data. Get the app for free or purchase the paid version with an in-app purchase.

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6. Watchdog Task Manager

The Watchdog Task Manager keenly monitors the processor rather than killing your apps randomly. It informs the user of the unnecessary apps running in the background and alerts when an app loses control.

Killing an app might cause the app to stop working. This troubleshooting app will alert the user about the problem causing the app without blocking other apps. The trendy app is popular due to its excellent features. Purchase the free app and upgrade it to a paid version.

7. Greenify

The free app is a great task manager app as well as the best Android Utility app. It allows managing all the available apps without killing all the apps.

Instead, it helps to hibernate these apps with a single tap. These hibernated apps do not run in the background, resulting in less battery drain and enhancing performance speed. Doesn’t this sound exciting?

To experience this app, download it now!

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8. Go Cleaner and Task Manager

The most trusted app is used by more than 40 million people, for good reasons the app is considered to be the most accurate, reliable, and compatible with Android devices. It kills apps, cleans cache memory, cleans online footprints, and boots phone speed. This is the most advanced task killer app that makes your smartphone faster and securer.

9. ICS Task Manager

The free task managing app works in coordination with rooted devices and kills all background running apps. This app is the talk of the town with its screenshot feature along with boosting the phone’s performance. The extra feature makes the app rank the highest among the popular task manager app.

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10. Super Task Killer

The one-tap app helps to clean junk files, boosts the home screen, and gives speed to your device. It detects battery usage in real-time as well as showing the longevity of your device. Choose from several power-saving modes to extend the standby time.

Are you looking for a task managing app that doesn‘t eat up much of your phone’s memory?

Super Task Killer is the best choice. It occupies 0.1% of your phone’s memory and can optimize your phone by 50%. This task manager kills all unnecessary apps releasing phone storage and speeds the phone.


We all love seeing our house clean with things placed in its systematic places. In the same way, our Android device deserves to be clean such that it works effectively.

We all get so much immersed into our phones that no one takes the pain of clearing all the junk collected while using apps. The Android device needs a quick cleanup session for better efficiency and overall enhances the performance of your Android device.

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