With the rapid popularity and usage of smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices, the users have started facing problems of data storage and the necessity arises when the smartphones have smaller internal storages. The online storage services have made easy for the users to store unlimited data like photos, videos, documents, files and much more. When it comes to picking the best service, there are multiple options, but here we will cover the best online storage services to facilitate the users.
1. Dropbox
If we enlist the ten best online storage services, Dropbox successfully gains the priority because it’s very easy to use and is believed to be the best and most reliable storage service. It offers online and offline options; in case you are online, you can open the site, share or receive files, tag people to get their attention on a particular file and offline provides access to open the folder on the device and do the needed actions. Dropbox offers storage up to 2GB that can be increased if you invite and add more people to the service. The maximum storage is reported to be more than 16 GB.


2. Google Drive
The second that snatches the position on the list of ten best online storage services is none other than the service of internet giant Google and it’s named as Google Drive. Google Drive offers up to 15 GB storage that’s shared through multiple options like Gmail, Google Plus, and others. The service resembles Dropbox a lot when it comes to using, file sharing and adding more participants. Most of the storage services put severe restriction towards the users like no synchronization and gaining more space for data but Google Drive spares from all such worries.
3. OneDrive
This is the latest version of Microsoft’s old storage service with the name of SkyDrive. OneDrive is very much convenient and proffers 15 GB space for storing data in the form of documents, files, photos, videos, and maps as well. Previously it was giving just 7 BG but attracting millions of more users; the service was upgraded and now has become one of the finest options regarding data storing. The two additional features that make OneDrive a fantastic pick are the provision of more 5 GB data for referring to someone and 3 GB for enabling photos backup.


4. TheOneSpy Data Backup
Among thousands of online data storage services, TheOneSpy gives its users an option to store all of their data without any limit of space. TheOneSpy is a monitoring app for kids and employees. When the user install on the target device, uses and all the record of documents, files, calls, and others is directly stored in the drive for the users’ convenience. Regarding data storage, TheOneSpy is second to none as none of the spying apps provides such service for facilitation of the consumers. It spares the users to back up the device for storing data at any moment of time as the feature is built-in.


data backup
5. ADrive
If you are a user who needs unlimited space to store data on the device, share or receive from the team members, ADrive is best for you as it provides 50 GB’s amazing space. Though the service can be availed freely, premium package asks for payments and in case you don’t subscribe it, you will miss few amazing features like uploading data up to 16 GB. An irritating aspect of ADrive is it’s full of repulsive ads about various technologies.
6. Mega
It’s the storage service initiated by megaupload.com. The online storage of Mega gives 50 GB data storage space. It supports mobile use as well. You can create an account and enjoy sharing files in every format publically. Not only does it control the uploading speed but you can pause and restart the load as well. The customer reviews regarding the use of the service are commendable and prove that it’s good enough to be utilized.


7. Box
This is considered to be the top competitor of Dropbox and is suggested to be best and convenient for business use but can be utilized for homes as well. This is not free but gives few days’ free trial to the users. It supports all the features like Dropbox including synch as well. For using the app, the users will have to create an account, download the app and install on the device. It supports all OS versions of Android, iOS, BB and window phones too. Using Box, you can share, add and receive files with multiple users in your teams and business circles.
8. Apple iCloud Drive
If you are a user of Apple products, you must be familiar with this data storage service. It’s better as compared to all other online storage services like Box, IDrive and others. Primarily it supports Apple devices but can be availed through the web as well. When the user adds data to the account, it’s uploaded to all the devices where iCloud is being used by the customer.


9. SpiderOak
When we store sensitive data, we all have some reservations about the reliability of our data as it might get leaked, get into hands of unwanted agents or might get corrupt, but SpiderOak spares its users from all these issues and lets everyone save data. If you are a smartphone user and need some good and trustworthy storage service, you must try this out, and you will be pleased to use it.
10. IDrive
IDrive is more than just an online data storage service. The app has made it a lot easier to share, upload, and receive documents, files, photos and other data. When you are a user of IDrive, put all of your worries like privacy and backup problems at rest because it lets you experience the most convenient and comfortable use. Furthermore, the reviews shared by the customers have strengthened the importance of the service by adding more to its authenticity and perfect functionality. Just install IDrive and start enjoying happy storage.