“It is too hard in the world to survive alone” the human adage seems to have gained two more believers in the form of social networking giant Facebook and the auction giant eBay. The two are in the process of forming an alliance and the entry of Facebook executive Katie Mitic to eBay’s board of directors comes as a confirmation of the same.

Mitic will now become the twelfth member of the board of directors which currently comprise of founder Pierre Omidyar, Marc Andreessen (Netscape, Andreesen-Horowitz), Scott Cook (Intuit) and William Ford, Jr. (Ford Motor Company); Mitic is currently working as the director of platform and mobile marketing at Facebook and was previously an SVP at Palm and VP at Yahoo.

Talking about her background, Mitic is considered a connoisseur when it comes to mobiles. She helped to launch the Palm Pre and the company’s app store before it was taken over by HP. Her background in building and promoting developer platforms, especially in the mobile world, should prove useful as eBay desires to manifests its aspirations of replacing wallet by mobile by 2015 in reality.

The appointment also comes at an interesting time for eBay as the auction giant will be hosting a conference on its X.Commerce Innovate in less than two weeks time, an event where the company will communicate its vision for the future of e-commerce under the PayPal, eBay, Magento and GSI Commerce brands. Katie Mitic herself is expected to be one of the keynote speakers at the conference and both the companies are anticipated to me a joint announcement at the conference.

We predict the announcement to be related to the Facebook Platform and the new Facebook Open Graph. It is most likely to give extra advantage for Facebook credits however nothing is confirmed and we are trying to unleash further information about the subject. For more updates, do look out for the space.

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  1. “eBay and Paypal Strengthening Ties With Facebook.”

    They both need all the help they can get: PayPal claims to be growing as the eBay Marketplace appears to be atrophying.

    Regardless, both John Donahoe and Scott Thompson are simply delusional if they think that PreyPal can ever be even a minor threat to the existing banks/Visa/MasterCard payments systems at traditional Point-of-Sale—the idea is pure science fiction. (Beam me up Scotty!)

    The real question is, when are the world’s various “banking” regulators going to finally do something about over-sighting this most unprofessional, unregulated, clunky “financial” operator that acts like a bank but is actually no more than an unethical money gouging arm of the Ho’s “eBafia”?

    Even though PayPal clearly offers banking-type services (ie, holding depositors’ money in non-prudentially regulated and non-FDIC insured banking-type accounts), PayPal is mostly only registered in some places not as a “bank” nor as a provider of credit but only as a “money transmitter” (like Western Union), and indeed PayPal has disingenuously claimed that they are not even a “payment network”, and there is a degree of truth in that claim because it could be put that most (but not all) of their activities do no more than facilitate the transmission of money by riding on the back of the banks’ existing payments processing systems.

    In fact, the only thing creative about PreyPal has been their founding use of users’ unique email addresses as identifiers for online payment transactions. PreyPal is otherwise no more than a blood-sucking parasite riding on the back of, and in the main cannot function except via, the banks’ existing payments processing systems.

    Regardless, outside of its mandated use on whatever will ultimately be left of the Donahoe-devastated eBay Marketplace, PreyPal will undoubtedly be consigned to the history books by the retail banks/Visa/Mastercard once those players get their “online” act together. There is nothing surer than the sun will rise in the morning.

    It’s also possible PreyPal might be able survive by becoming the merchant account provider of last resort—then I think that they have always been that.

    PayPal claims PayPal Is Not a Payments Processor!

    eBay-Facilitated and Condoned Shill Bidding Fraud on eBay Auctions: Case Study #4:

    And from along the way a compilation of (mostly inane) quotes from eBay executives:

    Enron / WorldCom / eBay / PayPal / Donahoe: Dead Men Walking.

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