Setting up an online store for your business is a great idea as more and more people are resorting to online showrooms and products for their shopping. With its increased scope and popularity, online stores have really proven to be successful and the ease with which the shopping can be done has made them a good way to spread your business to greater platforms. However, planning to set up a store can be quite strenuous as planning and execution can take a lot of your time and money. If you decide on consulting web developers and after all this your site might not be what you expected. To solve all these problems and to give control in your own hands, here is an online store builder which allows you to incorporate all the things that a good online store has in the most convenient and easy-to-use way possible. Here is some more information about this great software.

What Exactly is Wazala?

Based out of Los Angeles, Wazala is an eCommerce solution that doesn’t require much coding and can be customized very easily. Made in a way that you can integrate it with any website/blog, and get a quick solution to your online business. This software allows you to play around with the features and thus, helps you achieve the best online store as per your needs. This software is very simple to use, you do not even need to know the basics of HTML or CSS which earlier caused hindrance in customizing online stores. Not just this, Wazala has different packages for different kind of businesses and its interface also provide the users with tips which are going to work for their site.

Wazala Features You Cannot Ignore

There are a number of features offered by this software, which help you in designing your store, customizing it, and creating a store experience that is engaging and interactive. Here is a list of the features:

  • Lets you change your regular website into an eCommerce One

With this software, you can change your website into something more interesting and appealing. Wazala lets you convert your website into an eCommerce store where you can display and sell your products more easily.

  • Awesome Imposes

You do not have to carry out your business with a boring store now as with Wazala you can make your store look better. You can add multiple images to a single product, provide wider size and color options to your customers, change the images automatically depending on what the customers have selected and leave them wanting for more.

  • Works With Any Site

This is one of the best features of Wazala as it does not let limit the integration with any website and lets the store owner work with any code or program.

  • Supports Most Payment Platforms

With this software, you do not have to worry about receiving the payments as Wazala supports almost all the popular payment gateways present on the internet. These include PayPal, Google Checkout, and Authorize, and allow you to transfer payments at a high speed.

  • All-in-one Dashboard and a Multilingual Base

Wazala provides you with a dashboard that has everything that you might need, put together. Right from new orders to customers and also details and records of the past week. Not just this, Wazala also lets you provide your customers a multi-lingual base which gives them an option of 15 different languages to choose from.

Requirements to Establish Your Shop

There is not much that you need to be familiar with while setting up your shop, as Wazala handles everything for you. You do not need any prior knowledge of any nerve-racking software or codes like HTML or CSS. It is one of the best options that you have in the market and it does not take much to get started and it offers three plans to its users to choose from depending on their requirements.

How Is It Different From Other Apps?

The most important difference which sets Wazala apart from other store developing apps is the fact that it is highly easy to use. With a strong backup and excellent features, Wazala is a good option for beginners to mark their presence online. Usually, other store-building apps require a basic knowledge of CSS and HTML and are more complicated to understand and use, but Wazala is very simple to use, even a layman can start over it.

All these features and its good reputation and popularity have made Wazala, the best option for your online store. Using this app lets the users transform their present website into an interactive platform and help them gain a better online presence and customers.