With the introduction of the Internet in 1958, the world got a little smaller when socializing became an activity unconfined by location. However, in comparison to that day and age, the world today is “miniscule”. And so are the devices which make it so, commonly known as Smartphones. Yes, the phone by itself works well as a long-distance-communication tool, but a Smartphone – well, let’s just say that it’s pretty much a phone on steroids. Not only do you talk with it, you also text, take photos, check your email, update your Facebook status, etc. The list goes on virtually without end. And with its sleek, small stature, your Smartphone easily follows you to every mundane event that happens in life snugly tucked away in your pocket, making the practice of communication not only easier, but more creative and versatile than it ever was before.

Borderless Communication

It doesn’t matter what your coordinates are, as long as you have signal, you are good to go. Have a friend in India? Click a button and you can see them face-to-face thanks to video-chatting apps such as Skype and Facetime. Or maybe you don’t have a friend in India. Click a button on Facebook, and suddenly you have yourself a new friend. Gone are the days in which you actually have to meet people face to face to get their contact information, especially those who live in foreign countries. This means there is limitless opportunity not only in the spectrum of friendship, but also business, ideas, and culture.

More than Words

Thanks to apps such as Instagram and Twitter (only to name a few), the act of communication has definitely come a long way from the mere exchange of spoken word. Instead, lives are shared and stories told by the simple upload of a picture, detailing the places we’ve been, the things we’ve seen, and even the food we’ve eaten for the entire world to see. Furthermore, the technological world has even taken into consideration that socializing goes far past simple conversation, but also encompasses sharing games and watching videos. With the countless, multiplayer game apps out there, and also YouTube mobile, rest assured that no aspect of the socializing is forgotten in the world of the smartphone.

Efficiency is King

It goes without saying that at the heart of technology exists because of the human urge for efficiency. Typing something up usually takes far less time than writing something by hand (legibly), and usually a reasonable, standard text message won’t even take much more than a sentence. This has trimmed away virtual dialogue to the brief, straight-to-the-point, time-saver that it is today. In consideration of this last point, one can easily move on from one interaction to the next without a hassle. Basically, the smartphone is a commendable gadget  for the multitasking socialite whose agenda book is bursting. And apart from that demographic, it is still a dream come true for the rest of humanity as it saves our time and our breath.

Overall, the widespread use of smartphones in today’s society has revolutionized the way we interact. Not only does it save our time in saying the things we need to say, but also enables us to do so whenever we want, however we want, wherever we want. There are few limits left in the social world except for maybe the strength of a Wi-Fi signal.

Milos B. is a writer and web developer for RankExecutives. He enjoys writing about various topics related to the tech industry. According to Milos, i-Adapters.com sells the highest quality, affordable third-party cables, adapters and accessories for the iPhone 5.