There is nothing more riveting and attractive about a car than an amazingly designed car door magnet. They are striking, eye catching and when used smartly, can serve as an excellent advertising tool for various organizations. However, buying the right card door magnet can be a really daunting task. Finding the right magnet printing company and getting a skillful job done could be overbearing for a lot of us, and that is why we are here to provide you with a host of tips and guidelines that you can use, prior busing car door magnets. Kindly read ahead to know more:

1. Try and keep the design of the magnet printing simple

It is not without a reason that the KISS principle – Keep It Simple Silly – is followed to ardently, worldwide. Even when it comes to your car door magnet printing, do not abandon the same. A few customers, especially the corporate houses, make this mistake of thinking the more the information they put on the car magnets, the better the impact would be. It is best to keep to quite a striking design, and put as little information as a telephone number or the address of the website. On the road, it is a little hard to get someone to notice the magnet print, hence use those 3 seconds that you get on the road very very wisely.

2. Try and opt for full color magnetic printing

As discussed above, it is quite unlikely that a random driver would dedicate more than 3 or 4 seconds on reading the information on the car door magnet. Fully colored car door magnets are known for having a greater and deeper and quite a meaningful impact on the fellow drivers on the road, instead of the bi or tri color magnets. You may go through various fully colored online car magnets and understand the difference yourself.

3. The size of the file matters

If you are looking for magnet printing and have already been through the designs of online car magnets, you would understand that only a good quality, high resolution and perhaps a vector image is going to work for the same. The size of the image file matters a lot and the design which looks great on the screen may not look its same old inviting self on the door of the car. Also, you may test the quality of your image file by zooming it to 200%-800%. If the file does not look that good there, you are probably going to need another file of a higher resolution and better quality.

4. Be careful around the measurements

It would not be a prudent thing to order of online car magnets, only to find them not fitting properly the contours of your car door. Thus, before you make an impulsive buy, better check the measurements and ensure you get yourself the right fitting car door magnet.

5. Remember: the options are limitless

Lastly, you should remember that the options galore in the world of car door magnets. If the custom made car magnets are not your thing, you may go for static cling, vinyl lettering, rear window graphics etc. Search for online car magnets and go through the entire range of products available, prior to making the purchase.