After years of Apple as the obvious forerunner, Android, the Google operating system, has surpassed iOS as the most widely used platform. With impressive sales, a huge app universe and more affordable prices, Droids pose a big threat to Apple.

Apple’s anticipated next move

Apple is supposedly fighting back with a highly speculated low cost iPhone to gain new customers and a bigger share of the market.

The entry-level smartphone market is still waiting with bated breath for Apple to officially announce their budget iPhone, especially after pictures recently surfaced showing the phone in a variety of colors and encased in plastic. The uni body design seems to have been left out in order for the cost to be reduced. Other features include only a single LED flash, 3.2mm headphone jack and a lightning charging connector. Rumors also suggest that the budget iPhone will be powered by an A5 processor. It looks like the phone will come in an array of colors which (according to the leaked pictures) include red, green, blue, yellow, and white.

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Apple had long resisted a budget iPhone, but if the rumors are true, the days of defiance have come to an end. Because of the vast array of concepts, ideas and gossip being generated by the rumor mill, it seemed that it would stay just that, a rumor. However, with these photos, it looks like the possibility of a cheap iPhone entering the market is not only possible, but likely. Price rumors surrounding this budget iPhone have also surfaced with a considerably cheaper price tag of $300 unsubsidized, making the technology a lot more accessible to the many who couldn’t afford the steep $600+ iPhone 5. The price tag and specifications give it a lot of potential for grabbing a huge share of the entry phone market; analyst Piper Jaffrey even suggest as much as 11%. Jaffrey thinks there’s a possibility of this product being launched this September.

There’s been some hate regarding the appearance of the phone. Some are calling it ugly, disliking the way the rounded, bright design looks. But if Apple created a more attractive, cheaper iPhone, what would be the incentive for purchasing the full price options?

Big news for everyone

Not only does it mean a new market for Apple, but also for accessory makers. With this phone sure to be a huge success, accessories are a must. iPhone cases will be in high demand as soon as the phone gets released. Should Apple announce their new budget phone?

Soon, manufacturers of cases will be hot on their heels following the size specifications.

Since the new phones will be made of plastic instead of aluminum like the current model, extra protection will be important. Phone accessorizers better be ready to rise to the occasion! ZAGG’s innovative screen protectors and phone cases will help enhance and protect this less sturdy iPhone.

Only time will tell if these budget iPhone rumors are true. If they are, get ready to welcome the newest edition to the Apple family.

Kyle Rosenlof an Apple fan boy and iPhone tech writer for ZAGG.